Top 11 YouTube Marketing Agency That Won’t Disappoint

Top 11 YouTube Marketing Agency That Won’t Disappoint

Due to the high rate of getting promotional campaigns blocked on other platforms. YouTube Marketing Agency now gets a lot of recognition and jobs.

A platform like Facebook keeps blocking people’s ad account for no candid reason.

And since we are all human – mistakes are inevitable. So, if we make mistakes, then we should be given a reason to make corrections.

Not just blocking ad accounts for now reason. Anyway, I am not writing this to discourage you from using Facebook for your marketing campaigns.

Neither am I making you have the believe that all marketers now see YouTube as their next basket to put their eggs.

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But what I want you to know is that if you are feeling frustrated with any other platforms and you think YouTube is the next solution.

Then, just go ahead because it truly is. And some agencies out there will help you get an adequate result from any YouTube Marketing campaigns that you run.

Although, you cannot just decide to commence the processing of running a YouTube ads campaign without any prior knowledge.

That’s why you can delegate this work to some YouTube Marketing Agencies that won’t disappoint you.

These Agencies are top-notch and professionals in their dealings and already have enough experience with several clients.

But I am not in any partnership with these agencies and as you know me. I like to write content that will still be relevant for hundreds of years to come.

That’s why I am not only going to recommend some agencies for you.

I am also going to give you the qualities you should look out for when you are about to hire an agency for your YouTube Marketing Campaigns.

This means that even if some or almost all the agencies recommended in this guide seize to exist tomorrow.

You can still look for other agencies by yourself because you already know the qualities that an agency should have.

These qualities are what we see in these agencies we recommended below – that made me give time to create a list of them for you.

Here are the qualities that a YouTube Marketing Agency Must Have.

  1. Experience
  2. Testimonials
  3. Social Media Involvement
  4. Creativity
  5. Crystal Clear Deliverability
YouTube channel growth agency
YouTube channel growth agency. Credit: pixabay

Qualities A YouTube Marketing Agency Must Have.


1. Experience:

The first thing that you have to watch out for in any agency is their experience.

In what aspect do they have a strong Experience. Is it truly in YouTube Marketing?

There are many social media marketing agencies out there and they all have different aspects that they are good.

Some are very good in Facebook campaigns because that’s where most of their clients are interested.

Some are good in other Marketing platforms that you and I might have not heard about before.

But because your purpose is YouTube campaigns. You have to take the bold step and do your due diligence to make research on their experience.

You want them to have enough experience in the field of YouTube Marketing that they are so obsessed with it.

The reason is that if an agency is not an expert in the field of marketing platform.

You might find it difficult to get a good result and you can’t blame them. You have to blame yourself for not doing your plannings.

If you message them the first time talking about delegating a service to them, they won’t object.

They will tell you that they can do i. Whereas it’s all a lie.

So, try as must as possible to look at their level of experience in the field of YouTube.

Doing this doesn’t mean you should search all of the social media. You can get these details on their website if you’re patient enough.


2. Testimonials:

If they are counting one of the first 100 people that like testimonials.

I should be one of them because I use testimonials as to my source of purchase.

Now I know there are many third-party tools out there that can help agencies generate fake reviews and testimonials.

But you are not going to get this on their website.

If you decide to use their website as a source of getting testimonials – then you are wrong.

You won’t get authentic reviews because some agencies even pay people to give them reviews and testimonials on their page.

So, the place I like to go is social media platforms like Facebook.

Oh yes! Facebook.

I will go to the search box and type the name of the company or agency and select posts to show only posts made by people.

This is where you see what people are saying concerning the agency.

But if you are unlucky to find the perfect or exact agency that you’re looking for.

Then you might need to look for another agency. Or you can just go directly on YouTube and type their name in the search box.

You should get reviews from other YouTube influencers and channels.

But I wouldn’t go with what any youtube influencer says because they might be paid to give a positive and favorable review about them.

I will look at the comment section of each video and see what others are saying concerning the agency.

This is how you will use testimonials to see if you’re going to use an agency or not.

Be careful also, you have to know that some people are not serious but claim that an agency didn’t perform well for them.

So, try to study hard so as not to use an irrelevant review to hurt your chance of using the best agency.


3. Social Media Involvements:

Yeah, so the other time I talked about going more to hunt for reviews on an agency from places like Facebook.

You also have to keep in mind their social media involvement.

Do they have a page on Facebook? Do they have their YouTube channel (This is even very important)?
What of other platforms, are they live?

These are the things that you should take note of when selecting an agency to use.

You need to make sure that they have good social media engagements on a platform.

Because if they claim to be an expert in YouTube Marketing. Then, they should have a YouTube Channel where they display their service and grow subscribers.

Although, some other people might tell you that this is not important and maybe the agency doesn’t have the time to create social media engagements.

What about the CEOs of the agency? It’s someone who owns the YouTube Marketing Agency right?

So, you can just go to the about page of their website and look at their CEOs.

Then go to social media to look at their engagements to determine how real they are.

I must even confess, anyone that found a YouTube Marketing Agency without having a YouTube channel.

I can’t use such an agency. (You can drop what you feel about this my statement down in the comment box).

Seriously, that it. Because how can you claim to found an agency that is targeted towards a platform and you don’t even have a post on that platform.

You don’t even have followers on that platform. Then, how do you intend to help my business?

Okay, I have accepted that your agency might be new and might not have social media engagements yet.

But what about you – you should have social media engagements where some people have been with you for years and are expecting what you have to say next.

That is how I can entrust my YouTube Marketing Campaigns into your hand.


4. Creativity:

The aspect of creativity is how these Agencies will design your ad display.

Also, you should choose an agency that is trustworthy and will use the exact display for your need and not another client’s own.

You don’t want a situation whereby you paid an agency for an advert display.

You paid them to help you design a very good YouTube advert video.

Or you paid them to help you create some amazing and outstanding, impact engineering videos for your YouTube channel.

And the agency went ahead and use another person’s ad display for yours.

What I am trying to say is that since the agency has claimed to be an expert in this field of YouTube Marketing.

They should have the capability to create tons of videos because they have professionals who can handle ad creativity.

Your YouTube Marketing displays must be unique for your business needs.

And not using another person’s creativity for your Brand’s creativity.

This is something you can get to know when you view their website.

Just go to their website and you will see the works they have done.

If there’s no way for you to see the previous works that they have done for a client/s.

Then, you shouldn’t use such an agency. But if you can see their works maybe even on their personal YouTube channel.

This is what you will use to know if they are the best choice and see how creative – the expertise they claim to have looked.


5. Crystal Clear Deliverability:

This includes the transparency of this so-called agency that you want to use.

Are they Crystal Clear about their Deliverability?

Because once the marketing campaign that they are running for you is going on.

They have to take you along the journey. You have to know how the campaign is performing.

You should be aware of where your campaigns are displaying and if it’s being displayed on the right channel.

For example, You cannot be advertising a product about your new software the can help people build their email list.

And they went ahead and start advertising your products on the “Gaming” YouTube channel.

That’s the worst return on investment because you’re likely to run at a Loss.

And that means that this agency doesn’t claim to fulfill what they promise.

Sometimes it can be a mistake – that’s why they have to be transparent with you.

To know this, you can first chat with their customer care to ask if you will be taken along with every journey of the campaign in a truthful manner.

Although, what their customer care will tell you is that “They will”.

So, you can just try to get in contact with some of the people who testify about the expertise of the agency.

You might feel like this is stressful but it’s worth it. Chat with the person and ask questions concerning business transparency.

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YouTube marketing service providers

Let us move to the list of YouTube Agencies that you can source to set up your YouTube campaigns and channel growth.

  1. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)
  2. Voy Media
  3. Techmagnate
  4. Vireo Video
  5. Color whistle
  6. Sociallypowerful
  7. Marketinghy
  8. Brafton
  9. Factor One
  10. NeoReach
  11. Barracuda


List Of YouTube Marketing Agency That Can Work For You.


1. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

As one of the leading digital marketing firms in the online business at large.

Digital Marketing Agency is an all-around marketing agency firm that is a specialist in social media marketing.

Their main purpose is to build a cordial relationship with their clients because they have qualified specialists in the field of YouTube Marketing.

In the field of online entrepreneurship. There are always innovations and strategies that can be implemented to reach a new targeted audience.

That’s what DMA will achieve for you. They have new ways of reaching the target audience because they know the new techniques and strategies that are working.

DMA is transparent with their clients and they always strive towards making their clients’ YouTube Marketing Campaigns is in good condition.

You can connect with their team to talk about your YouTube search engine optimization and YouTube Paid Advertising Campaigns.


2. Voy Media

VM (Voy Media) is your agency when it comes to YouTube Marketing.

Their main language is getting results for their clients. They render top-notch YouTube Marketing services to online brands.

They advertise and offer growth Marketing services for online brands

VM can design eye-catching images for your ad campaigns that will get people to stop and check on what your business is about.

They also have Copywriting experts that can write Profit-Generating copies that will get your sales.

They also have video creators that have a lot of experience in video creation that will improve your brand’s performance.

They can take your business from a figure level to another figure level because it’s what they are best passionate about.

You can give Voy Media a trial with your YouTube Marketing Strategies and see your business take the positive growth.


3. Techmagnate

When it comes to ranking your videos on YouTube. You will need an agency that is a specialist in this feed.

And that agency that can help you to achieve this is Techmagnate because that’s what they do most.

They are YouTube Marketing Agency that will not only work on creating content for your YouTube Marketing success.

They will also help you to outrank your competitors and get your videos at the top page of YouTube.

Most times, it’s difficult to rank your videos on keywords that have a lot of competition.

Most especially keywords that have visibility from top YouTube influencers.

How about if Techmagnate helps you to rank on videos that have visibility from top YouTube channels?

Techmagnate is a top video marketing agency that will increase your brand visibility.

They can also help you create result-oriented campaigns that will get targeted towards your ideal clients.

Get in touch with them today and start your YouTube Video Marketing Campaigns.


4. Vireo Video

If you aim to convert any viewers that are just passing by or that are on the lookout for something into a customer.

Then Vireo Video is the go-to YouTube Marketing Agency that will help you achieve this goal.

They are specialist in YouTube SEO and video creation specialist that knows all the strategies of YouTube.

Vireo Video has a connection with the majority of YouTube influencers.

So, you know that you have your campaigns entrusted to the hands of the right people.

Your campaigns will be conducted in a way that is assured to drive traffic for you without any regret.

Video is said to build trust easily and Vireo Video will help you to create a viral video ad.

This Marketing Agency has the framework and techniques that they use to drive organic traffic for brands through YouTube.

You can take advantage of the billions of YouTube monthly visitors and start making sales even while doing other things.

YouTube Marketing Services
YouTube Marketing Services. Photo credit: pixabay

5. Color whistle

This is an Indian-based Marketing agency that performs YouTube Marketing services for both small, medium, and large organizations.

They are professionals that help to scale a brand from 0-6 figures and 6-7 figures through the influence of YouTube Marketing.

They are specialists in helping businesses in the field of real estate, travel, hotels, healthcare, and education to get leads and convert to customers.

They don’t just go ahead and produce a favorable campaign for your Video Marketing.

They conduct proper research and analysis towards making sure you get good results from your campaign.

They make sure that you make use of the tactics that are needed for good Marketing results.

Their YouTube Marketing Team will carefully listen to your problems, examine your website traffic and use this to work wonders on your brand.

Their team is very caring and patient enough to listen to your worries and get you to rest assured that you will get a good outcome (which is assured).


6. Sociallypowerful

Since the new ways of running video ads are coming out on youtube.

You need an agency like Sociallypowerful to keep you updated with the new trend.

YouTube ads are now the new way to get leads with less ad spend because Facebook and Google are getting a lot of cost per click.

These ads are getting a little bit expensive to run. That’s why YouTube is the best bet to work on.

So, Sociallypowerful is ready to take you to that next level of eliminating the stress it will take you to learn YouTube Marketing.

They will help you look unique among your competitors and get you ready to face new completion.


7. Marketinghy

Marketinghy is one of the leading YouTube Marketing Agencies that create any that can create video conversion for any brand.

They have dexterity creating other animation videos that capture online scrollers’ attention.

They aim to provide services that get you to come back for more experience.

They have a team that can create sales converting video pop-ups on your blog page.

Anything regarding video creation is Marketinghy’s area of specialization.

They are YouTube ad campaign specialist that can get your immediate result with less risk.

The only high risk that you can take is you doing YouTube Marketing all by yourself as a newbie.

Don’t just sleep on doing things by yourself if you don’t know the way it works.

Give people who know the way and who have experienced the high and low in that field.

Marketinghy is one of those people. So, give them a trial and contact them today.

They are expertise in this field. They can help you get a new experience of lead and sales generation.


8. Brafton

This video agency brand called Brafton sees video as the best way to get good conversion.

Most top brand spends a lot of their budget on video creation because they have seen an increase in their revenue when the video is involved.

They can create both 2D and 3D animation that can be used at every level of your sales funnel.

Your video display shouldn’t end in just the YouTube platform alone.

It should also be continued till when a prospect makes that sale. That’s what Brafton always does for their clients.

They bring dead brands back to a living by using videos to explain difficult and incomprehensive content.

You can give them a try today and start your YouTube Marketing success journey.



I believe we have been able to discuss one or two things about how you can source for YouTube Marketing Agencies on your own.

And also the list of YouTube Agencies that I have recommended in this article.

As time goes by, if we realize that one among the top listed is no more functioning.

We promise to change them – but as of now that you’re reading this guide. Those 11 are functioning and will never disappoint you.

If you enjoy this guide…Don’t forget to share it with friends and ask any questions that you wish below.

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