16 Reasons Why Lead Generation Is Important For Your Business.

why lead generation is important

The importance of lead generation cannot be underestimated. That’s why thousands of marketers value the reason why lead generation is important for their businesses.

You might be a beginner thinking about how effective is lead generation for day to day operation of a business.

Lead Generation is the lifeblood of a business because without leads. There are no sales.

And without sales, there’s no revenue for a business empire.

So, if you have been thinking about getting leads. Then you have to start as quickly as possible and build your leads with a tremendous effect.

When we are talking about leads. Is it social media followers? Let’s look at what a lead is in the next section.


What Is a lead?

A lead is a person in your niche who joins your tribe or community intending to learn more from you and become your future buyer.

That’s the simple way I can define what a lead is. I believe it’s not complicated?

Oh yeah… I’m sure it’s not.

So, let’s continue.

When someone joins your tribe… It’s a platform that is owned by you.

That’s why social media followers are not considered as lead even though they indirectly are.

But what if you lose your social media account? What happens next?

You lose access to your leads and all your lead generation effort for many years will be wasted.

That’s why it’s best to build an email list and start getting people into your squeeze page that will Opt-in and turn real leads.

These leads are what you have access to for life because you own them and nothing can ever take them away from you except for “death“.

But in as much as you’re alive, your email list is yours and yours for life.

And every lead or subscriber on your Autoresponder platform is yours for life.

Since you now know what a lead is. Let us move to what the meaning of lead generation is.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the act of receiving people into your tribe or community through other mediums for the sole purpose of owning them without any shortcomings.

Now, if you’re asking me .. “Maverick, what do you mean by other mediums“. Other mediums can be:

  • Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • SEO (Google, Bing, YouTube, etc)
  • Forums (Reddit, Warriorforum, Quora, etc).

These are the simple ways lead generation is achieved.

Also, for someone operating a brick and mortar business.

Lead Generation can also happen when you make use of radio, television, and newspaper advertising to draw people into your store.

Using television, radio and newspaper can bring leads into your store and that’s a medium of getting people.

I believe that’s comprehensive, right!?

The next line of action is why lead generation is important for business [either small, medium, or big enterprises].

The importance of lead generation
The importance of lead generation. Photo Credit: pixabay

Why Lead Generation Is Important For Business.


1. Time management:

The first importance of lead generation is the ability to manage time in the best interest.

As I am writing to you, I have automated the emails I will send to my leads for 20 days.

I can do this because I have access to my lead anytime and I own them.

Also, because it’s my tribe – I can manage my time and automate my messages to them at the necessary time.

This makes me have time for another aspect of my business without affecting one another.

This is difficult to achieve on another person’s platform.

Although, many other marketers will tell you that social media followers are also leads.

But do they enjoy their time management? Never!

Because even if you’re to use a third-party application to automate things.

Your account will be in danger and you’re liable to get blocked.

So, time management is very difficult.

But Generating real leads that you own into your Autoresponder is the best because you can manage your time and do other things when needed.


2. Market knowledge:

When you have your tribe where you control people and own them.

You get knowledgeable about your marketplace and shoot far ahead of your competitors.

Here’s how: You will know what people are looking for and what their problems are.

You know your journey is different from another person’s journey.

Where you started is not where others started.

So, what you believe is already simple for other people to know.

Don’t be surprised when they don’t know it. So, this will broaden your knowledge and get you to stay ahead of others in your industry.

Because people in your tribe will ask you questions that are paining them.

Yesterday, I got messages from a new subscriber in my tribe who was complaining about buying several Products on the Internet but can’t see any positive result.

He talked about purchasing several Softwares on the internet but most of them are not helping until one buys another advanced version.

He got tired – he was explaining everything to me concerning me trying hard to explain the best value my subscribers will get on any product I recommend.

So, this alone made me grow more knowledgeable and learn that most people are tired of the crappy products on the internet.

It made me keep researching more and testing out a product before ever trying to promote it for the best interest of my leads.

This is how knowledge grows. It’s not about buying courses all the time or reading books before you get more knowledgeable.


3. Prospect Nurturing:

Another importance of lead generation is Nurturing prospects.

If you haven’t known, it takes 7 days for a cold prospect who doesn’t have any prior knowledge about you or your product to make a purchase decision from you.

Think about several ads you have been seeing on your social media pages or search engine.

How many have you clicked on during the first impressions?

Even if you clicked on them, how many have you purchased from during the first impression?

You will see that it’s scarce for you to make a purchase intention except for physical products like clothes, shoes, bags, hairs that you already know about.

So, that’s why you must start by generating leads and nurturing them.

That’s what lead generation is about. It helps you nurture a cold stranger to know more about you till he or she makes that purchase decision.

If you’re to do this the paid way, it will cost you a lot of ad budget because it takes daily spending to keep reaching these same people for seven days.

But instead of running ads campaign to these people all the time without them making the purchase decision.

Why not just run an advert to collect their details as leads and promote your products to them for free without spending the extra money to reach them.

This means that even if it takes 14 times for them to know about you before they decide to make a purchase.

It’s cool with you and you won’t have an unnecessary headache or a failed mindset because you have access to their inbox anytime and any day.

Hint: just be careful not to overdo, so that they won’t leave your tribe or community.


4. Succeeding In Competitive Market:

If you are new to a market and all you keep doing is calling people to buy all the time.

It will be difficult for you to succeed in that market because several other people have been in that market before you.

They already have exposure and people already know about them.

So, the only naive way to surpass your competitors with the buying all the time approach is to reduce is your price.

And is that the best? Damn not!

Because if you reduce your price, others will reduce more than you and bring out another strategic plan that will make them leave you.

But how can you stay ahead and succeed even if you’re new to a market?

It’s by generating leads and building your community.

Have a community of people that you will build a relationship with them till they trust you.

After trusting you, you can now decide to sell to them.

They will buy from you not because they haven’t heard of the product before.

But because they are now your brand advocate and they will even bring more people to buy from you.

This is the undying importance that leads generation has offered many marketers.

Think about that Too marketer’s newsletter that you’re always ready to read. That’s it!

You gat it!? Cool!


5. Ease Data Gathering:

When you have your tribe which leads generation has given you the privilege to own.

Gathering data will be easy for you because this is your platform and your island.

You can’t gather social media followers and rely on that as authentic data.

Facebook data for example and mostly inaccurate.

Oh yes. I’m damn right.

We are only showed what we’re forced to see and either it’s accurate or not is not their problem.

Whereas when you have your tribe. You can gather data easily and analyze what’s wrong and what’s right.

The next month can be a song of hallelujah for your brand after you’ve fixed the problems you realized the previous month.

This can also help you to manage your social media engagements.

If you need a quick fix for your landing page that you just created for a webinar or event.

Or maybe create a sales page for your coming launch. It can be added to know what’s up.

You can quickly gather data of a particular segment of the people in your tribe and send them straight to the required page.

This makes it easy to test out what’s working and what’s not.


6. Attention Funneling:

When you don’t have a lead generation strategy.

It can be hard to summon respect and attention very quickly.

You can decide to promote a product and get people to attend very quickly.

Attention is the very best importance of lead generation.

Think about when you’ve shared some emails or messages from some of the communities that you’re a tribe of.

Doing that gives attention to the owner of that tribe.

That’s why it’s also important that you start building your tribe and having a community of your own.


7. Continuous Selling:

Lead Generation is the best way to sell to a particular person or persons for a long period.

Look, when you have your tribe where you share your voice.

Selling becomes easy. Because you have access to people who are ready to hear from you and also share your voice.

The moment someone starts to share your voice. That’s the moment you know that your tribe is booming.

And that same person who shares your voice will never hesitate to buy from you if you pitch them.

Even if they buy from you the first time… They will still buy from you the second time and third.

Have you been in someone’s community before and you always buy any product the owner recommends?

That’s the power and Importance of lead generation.

You cannot rely to keep continuous selling on another person’s island.

If I should post on Instagram today and someone buys from me.

Am I certain that if I should post next week? That same person will buy from me? No!

Because how am I sure that my account would have not gotten hacked.

Or how am I sure that the person will see my new post about my new product.

But if I have my tribe… I am sure that my new and coming messages will get to that person and the purchase decision is intact.

Is that interesting? Oh yes. It is.


8. Long Term Success:

Success with lead generation is for a long period.

Because it’s yours only. Your leads belong to you and they’re your people.

They’re ready to buy from you and will continue to become your brand advocate for a long period.

The only reason why a lead generation approach can fail is if you quit and decide not to share your voice with your tribe.

I remember when I was sanitizing my tribe and I removed some inactive members from my tribe.

I sent a message to them reminding them to fill a survey to show that they’re still interested in hearing from me.

But even some of my active members weren’t active at that time.

Even when they’re active, they didn’t put their mind into doing the necessary tasks to verify themselves.

So,.when some of them saw that they are no more receiving messages from me.

They messaged me and ask what’s wrong.

I now told them it’s because they didn’t do the required task.

And I added them back to the sanitized list.

That’s the power that lead Generation has over anything.

The success is long-term and you own your tribe.

You can keep selling to your tribe for a long period.

You can get them to a new project.

If you just create a new website. You can send your leads to the website and get success from that.


9. Marketing Automation:

When doing lead generation. You don’t have to be there all the time to do your marketing.

You can automate things and you’re sure that your leads are receiving your messages.

If you have a new product that you want to introduce to your leads.

You can automate it and keep sending it to your leads at the specific date you have set for it.

Everything becomes easy for you because you now have time to play with your lovely family.

Imagine that moment that you’re playing with your daughter/s and sales notifications is sounding “Klum Klum”.

Haha… Imagine that feeling?

That’s the power of lead generation. Because it’s yours and yours only.

Selling is now automated and pitching is what you can do all the time.

You’re not restricted as to the number of times that you can pitch your leads.

Most of the sales messages you receive from the head of your tribe are not always when they’re available.

They have automated everything in a way that sends it to you even when they’re not around.

That’s the Importance lead generation has over other forms of marketing.


10. Awareness:

Brand awareness is very important for any business.

If you’re able to create awareness for your business – then it’s as worst as dead.

That’s why you see several Brands out there that spend millions on awareness purposes.

They know the importance of getting new people to see their Brands all the time.

You have to make people see what you’re doing all the time.

But it’s always better to have new people to see your brand and not old people.

If you’ve run paid ads or any form of awareness to get in touch with people.

You should make sure you Generate their leads in a way that doesn’t require you to spend another money to get in touch with them.

You should only spend money to get new people. And not spending money to still get in touch with people who have seen your brand once.

And how can you achieve this?

It’s by lead generation.

You can Generate their leads and keep improving your brand awareness without having to spend extra money to reach them again.

No, you have to build your awareness, and lead generation is the go-to solution for such a task.


11. Overpower Competitors:

It’s just like having an army on your battlefield.

When you have an army of thousands of soldiers as a follow-up to that war.

You have no fear of whether or not there are tons of strong warriors as your opponent.

Because you’re sure to conquer every battle.

This is the morale that envelope your activities when you have many leads in your control.

You can enter any niche in your industry and be sure to come out great from the niche.

You won’t be scared because you have an army of leads that will turn you into an overnight leader in that new niche.

I’ve seen some online marketers who are new in a niche – but because they already have an army of leads in their control.

Immediately they send out a message campaign to their leads.

They top the leaderboard of that new niche. Because they already have people who are ready to follow anything they say.

This is achievable with lead generation because you already create a tribe for yourself.


12. Building Credibility:

Imagine when you’re new in a marketplace. Nobody knows who you are.

Nobody cares about you and you look strange to them.

You have no credibility and it’s difficult to compete with the big boys.

How can you build your credibility? It’s by having your tribe and community.

And building your tribe is by generating more leads.

The moment you start generating tons of leads. Your credibility begins to widen.

You will now have people who will share your content without having you begging them.

The moment these leads start sharing your messages to their friends and families.

Your credibility begins to go hire and you now stand the chance of competing with the top guys.

You now feel alive and controlling cash becomes easy for you.

This is what lead generation does for you because of the people you control.


13. Audience Segmentation:

The moment you’re able to segmentize your audience and message them base on their interest is when sales become easy for you to make.

If someone becomes your lead maybe through a video Marketing course which you gave out.

And another person becomes your lead maybe from an email marketing webinar that you want to handle.

That tells you what each of them values the most.

Also, you can channel your message narrowly to each of their interest.

The moment you start sending them more voices and messages that’s related to their interest.

That’s when you can rely on any sales message you want to craft.

That product that you want to launch can make you money because you’re sending the offer directly to your Target audience.


14. Brand Organization:

Lead Generation gives you the ability to arrange your content in a way that’s channel towards your audience.

It also organizes your brand and turns it into a money-making machine.

The ability to organize your brand and get sales daily is why lead generation is important.

If you’re doing Affiliate Marketing for example and you sell products almost every day.

You need to organize your tribe in a way that you know what clicks come from a segment and how your campaigns are performing.

When Organization is involved in a company. Orderliness becomes easy.

Also, if you have some people that you hire to work for your brand. It becomes easy to delegate work to them respectively.

You can just organize a segment to a particular group of employees and organize another one for other employees.

Lead Generate is the go-to step.


15. Achieve Focus:

When it comes to your community. The rate of concentration for your audience is quite achievable.

Unlike other platform or tribe that is not yours.

They will keep showing several other things to distract your followers from focusing on your message.

Think about when you were reading a post on Instagram and maybe you swipe down or mistakenly reload the page.

What happens? You lost that post because there are hundreds of other posts you have to see which Instagram has queued for you.

What about sometimes that when you see a post. Ads just distract you from even concentrating.

This is what you experience in other people’s tribes.

That’s why you must Generate leads so that you can get the full concentration of your audience.

You can get them to concentrate on your message without losing out
And even if a case of unforeseen circumstances arises.

You’re sure to get them to come back from your follow-up messages.

Your follow-up messages can even direct them back to what they’ve not read or forgot to finish reading.

This is what you control. You have access to them and can control your leads to focus on what you are conveying.


16. Scale With Behavioral Trait:

People are getting wiser these days. What’s assured to work 5 years or 10 years ago won’t work today.

Don’t be surprised if your plans got cut short. People have experienced many lows and they are not ready to invest their money in any crap on the internet.

For example, That’s why top marketers will advise you to state it clearly on your page anytime you’re including an affiliate link.

Because they know, so what are you tryna hide?

Keep it open baby. But you have to inculcate another strategy to get these people to buy from you.

If you want to do what others are doing. Then, you are in a hell lot of competition.

But if you do what’s the difference from what others are doing. Competition becomes nothing to you.

But acting different can become difficult on another person’s platform because who knows maybe you won’t be able to log in tomorrow.

But when you have your tribe. You can change and adapt. Nothing will happen.

It’s your world and everything you want to do is can be achievable with lead generation.


Question and Answer on lead generation
Question and Answer on lead generation. Picture from Pixabay

Questions & Answer Related To The Importance Of Lead Generation

What are the benefits of lead generation?

Just like we have stated much Importance of lead generation in this article.

The best benefit that Lead Generation gives you the ability to build your tribe and control people.

Ability to snap your finger-like “Thanos of Avengers” and turn things from nothing to something.

Ability to control money at your own will.

This is the Benefit you enjoy the most.


What is the importance of lead?

A lead will give you the ability to get access to them for future purposes.

A lead gives you the ability to sell more to him/her and follow up with him/her at any point in time without any restrictions.

Who needs lead generation?

Whether you are doing online or offline business. You need lead generation.

Any business that involves people needs lead generation.

Any business that needs people to buy from them either for a short or long term needs leads.

And since every business requires people to take any action before any number can increase.

Then, every business needs lead generation.

What Are Lead generation strategies?

Among the strategies of lead generation are:

building of landing pages for events, programs, or webinars.

building sales pages for product launches.

providing value on your social media pages and directing them (followers) to your landing page and turning them into leads.

And lots more.

How do lead generation companies work?

They make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Forum Marketing, and lots more to generate leads for clients.

You can check out this article on how best to generate leads.

What Is The Process To Lead generation?

To generate leads, create a squeeze page that doesn’t have anything that can distract a visitor.

Integrate your Autoresponder to collect sign-ups.

Or use Google form or Facebook groups to collect leads.

Run paid ads to this squeeze page if you want a quick result.

Or involve in social media marketing and provide value before sending people to your squeeze page if you can cope with slow results.

How To Plan Lead generation.

Just think about providing value and people will come to you and become your lead.

You can give out freebies as much a possible.

Or launch a product and collaborate with other marketers in your industry to become your Affiliate.

READ THIS: 14 Best Free Lead Generation Software to Get Customers 

Wrap Up
I believe this guide has been impactful?

You have been able to learn 1,2 or 3 about why lead generation is important for every business either online or offline.

If you haven’t started generating leads. Start your journey now and begin to generate leads for your business.

It’s the best investment you can ever make without any regrets.

If you enjoy this guide, don’t hesitate to click the share button and spread the love to your friends.

Remember we grow by helping others.

Always know that… IT DOESN’T GET EASIER…

Have Any Questions or Contributions? Drop them in the comment and I will be glad to reply.

See you around.

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