Walmart Affiliate – Make $2,697 With Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate - Make $2,697 With Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart is known as a multinational retail brand that operates offline and online transactions.

You can either go directly to the Walmart store to shop for products of your choice.

Or you can head straight to their website and shop for goods online with an expectancy of your products being delivered to your doorstep.

Unlike Amazon which is majorly an online e-commerce network platform where people list and display their products.

Walmart is a store on its own and all products are owned by the Walmart brand.

So, selling of Walmart products is known to be delivered by Walmart store by themselves and not another store.

So, in this article – I am going to be explaining to you how you can join the Walmart Affiliate Program and also earn an outstanding amount of money every day and every month from this Program.

Unlike Amazon Associates – Walmart Affiliate is not that popular up to the standard of Amazon.

So, their Affiliate sales are lesser than that of Amazon. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t pay well.

Of course, they do pay their Affiliates very well. But there are some simple differences between the 2 e-commerce merchants which we will discuss below.

So, stay with me and grab a coffee with me as we go on this short journey.


What Is Walmart Affiliate?

Walmart Affiliate Program is a program that pays webmasters a commission for bringing Affiliate sales through their website.

Webmasters range from bloggers to e-commerce specialists who display Walmart products on their website with their Walmart Affiliate Link to earn a commission.

There are several products displayed on the Walmart Website. Ranging from fashion, Groceries, Households, and others.

So, joining this affiliate program gives you the chance of reviewing several Walmart Affiliate Products in different niches.

Although it’s better to focus on one niche. But what if you’re a specialist in Affiliate Marketing who helps people build their Affiliate Marketing business.

Then, you have a long list of niches that your clients can join and earn reasonable money from Affiliate Marketing.


How To Join The Walmart Affiliate Program?

Joining the Walmart Affiliate program is not as strict and hard as other Affiliate programs.

Although, you do need a website. Oh yes, if you don’t have a website – then joining the Walmart Affiliate Program will be a little difficult.

The reason is that this is an e-commerce platform and not a network of different merchants from all over the world.

So, Walmart is seeking people who can display hundred to thousands of their products on their website.

You also have to know that this website must be plain and doesn’t involve illegal acts.

Your website will be reviewed and scrutinized before your Affiliate request will be approved.

Although the Walmart Affiliate Approval doesn’t take long. It only takes less than 24 hours for a confirmation email to be sent to you.

The next thing for you is to start working.

So, to join the Walmart Affiliate program – head straight to …. Or click here to join.

Just fill the form and provide your correct details in the form – to get your approval very quickly.


Walmart Affiliate Commission Rate

Walmart pays a 1 – 4 percent commission to their Affiliate on any sales made.

There are lots of product categories in the Walmart store. So, the commission ranges from different products to another.

It’s always better for you to go for a little high Product for a better commission.

This means if you can see a product of $100 with 4% Commission and review on your website.

You can earn $1000 from 250 sales referrals and 1000 visitors on your website.

You don’t have to be greedy though – try to mix things.

You can promote little high price products and much lower-priced products.

The reason is that you don’t want to lose your traffic to your competitors who are using the same energy as yours to promote less of Walmart products.

Walmart Affiliate Pays Affiliate base on last-click referrals.

There Affiliate referral is just 3 days for its elapse. But it’s still better for you to fasten the purchase immediately.

Because Walmart uses last click ID for purchase.

That’s why you should make sure that the majority of your visitors buy Immediately.

If a visitor should land on your website and click through your Affiliate link.

They have to purchase immediately through your Affiliate link for you to earn the commission.

If they bounce off and maybe read a review from another source and buy through another person’s affiliate link.

You will lose that Commission to the other person.


How To Promote Walmart Affiliate Products

In promoting Walmart Affiliate products. You should have a website.

Oh yes, many people out there will tell you that you don’t need a website to start selling Walmart Products.

The fact is that these days – there is a dare need for a website if you’re to start Affiliate Marketing.

Although there are some landing page builders out there that can work for you without needing a website.

But it’s also more good for you to own your website – because it’s your domain.

It’s your home where you can invite your Visitors to and entertain them before collecting money from their hands.

You can decide to splash Affiliate links all through your website without any restrictions.

These are the things you will find difficult to do on other platforms.

The thing is that Walmart will not even approve someone who doesn’t have a website.

So, you need to have a website before you can join the Walmart Affiliate Program.

Let’s go into detail on how you can kickstart and promote your Walmart products.

  1. Choosing a Niche.
  2. Getting Your Blog Ready.
  3. Writing Content.
  4. Guest Posting.
  5. Running Paid Ads.


1. Choosing a Niche:

The first thing that should come to your mind when you decide to promote Walmart products is to select a niche.

There are many product categories in the Walmart store. So, you need to select where you’re passionate about.

This is what will help you know the title you will give your website and also what your website will be focused on.

Don’t turn your website into a jack-of-all-trades website where you can promote anything you like.

Don’t join e-commerce with make money online inside one website expecting miracles to happen.

No! You have to stick with one niche to promote Walmart’s product. This is how customers will keep coming back to buy on your website.

Let’s say you review baby’s products. New mothers will know your website as a baby’s niche website.

So, you should first select a niche and make sure it’s a niche that you know a little about.

If you’re someone like me who loves fashion. You can decide to promote Walmart fashion items on your website.


2. Getting Your Blog Ready:

After you have selected and chosen your niche. It’s time to set up your WordPress website.

You don’t need to learn coding to launch your new website. That’s where many people get it wrong.

They will still go to learn to code and spend months creating their first website.

There are hundreds of FREE tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to build your WordPress websites within 24 hours.

These videos are 2 hours, 3 hours long that take you to step by step on how to get started without slacking.

Just make sure you’re careful about what you name your website.

Don’t let it be too specific and don’t let it be too broad. Let it be something in the middle.

The reason is that if you decide to maybe sell the website in the future – you can get someone from any niche to sell to.

This is for someone who might want to sell the website. If you’re doing it for a lifetime and not selling it.

You can give if any name you want – but don’t name it after Walmart or any top brands’ name.

You will have yourself to be blamed and you might be charged with a lawsuit for that.

So, you also have to be careful when choosing your website name.

When choosing your hosting – you might be manipulated to join a hosting with a little bit high cost.

Don’t freak for that – you can buy your hosting at NAMECHEAP. You can click the link in the text to kickstart your website.

With Namecheap, you will get your hosting at $2.88 every month and $24 per year with the stellar plan.

And you can host 3 websites on it with WordPress and other page builder features in it.

Instead of spending $100 in a year on hosting that wouldn’t yield any future benefit.


3. Writing Content:

Wow! Being an article writer, I love this aspect of this guide.

Because there is nothing as profitable as writing articles that review Walmart products and making it rank on Google.

Oh yes, because that’s the best way to drive targeted traffic into your Affiliate funnel.

You can keep making Affiliate money even from the article that you have written 2 years back concerning a product.

Trust me when I say this is the best. Although others will tell you that social media is the best means of getting traffic.

But SEO and Google are the best because you earn from past efforts.

Some article writers are still earning from a product they reviewed 9 years back.

That will be a little bit difficult for someone doing only social media marketing.

With that being said, should you focus on one aspect of traffic source?

No! You can also combine social media marketing with this.

You can hire someone or use a social media scheduling tool to help you post your content at the right time on your social media pages.

Now, I know if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to write content.

Then you might find It difficult composing articles to make it rank on Google.

That’s why you can just go on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork and hire a content writer.

There are hundreds if not thousands of article writers on Fiverr that will only collect small bucks to help you write your content on your blog.

Although you should start working towards learning how to write review articles for your blog.

Because you can’t keep spending a lot of money on freelancers when you haven’t even made any money from your website yet.

But you can kickstart hiring freelancers. With as little as $15 or less per article.

You will get someone that will write mouthwatering articles for you.

Although it’s base on several words.


4. Guest Posting:

Sometimes, building website authority can take a lot of time.

That’s why a lot of people talk about building backlinks for your website – to rank well.

It’s either you do it the hard way and keep posting a lot of content on your Affiliate website.

So that other websites can automatically see your website at the top of the front page of Google and link back to your website.

Or you guest blog on other websites and link back to your website.

This is majorly useful for someone who knows how to write content already.

You can look at websites around your niche and write an amazing and mouthwatering article on the website.

Always make sure that they are websites that already have high domain authority.

An example of websites I will recommend is Medium.

You can easily open a medium publisher’s account on and start posting on the platform.

The benefit of medium is that you can just link back to your affiliate website.

So, let’s say you write an article on “How To Grow Beards Naturally With Home Remedies“.

You can just link to your website that reviews “10 Best Beards Growth Cream“.

Even though you wrote about home remedies. Most of your readers will still like to buy a product that can give them a quick result.

Now, the reason why I recommended Medium is because their authority is very high – so, you can even quickly rank an article very quickly on their website compared to your new website.

Also, any backlinks that come from a website like medium are considered relevant because they are an authority website.

Another website where you can do your guest blogging or posting is Forbes.

These websites have several niches – so, you’re assured that your niche is among what you can write about.

Thousands of other writers are writing on these platforms and posting content every day.

Now, immediately you write the content and post on these platforms.

Always make sure to link back to your website to start building your authority and developing your site strength.


5. Running Paid Ads:

You might not want to hear this but as a beginner. Running paid ads is not a bad idea for you.

You can decide to run social media ads to your campaign and redirect to your Affiliate website.

Not only that, but you can also encode Facebook pixels on your website.

The reason why this Facebook pixel works a lot is that it helps you to retarget those who land on your website but didn’t take any buying decision.

I have once landed on a Walmart & Amazon Affiliate website before trying to get a product review.

I didn’t buy anything or Click-through their Affiliate link on the website.

To my surprise, when I login into my Facebook account to check what’s going on.

Boom!!! I saw their ads promoting that same product to me.

I think I saw the ads up to like 1-2 months before it stops showingy on my news feed.

Now, this is a strategy that I offer to my paid clients and I am giving it to you Free of charge.

You don’t have to stress over it.

One thing you need to know is that not all those who click on your review page link through Google will buy.

So, those who don’t buy must be retargeted and you can do that with paid ads on Facebook.

It’s an effective strategy that works a lot.


6. Forums:

A friend of mine who is an associate of Amazon Affiliate made use of this strategy for his new niche and new website.

It worked great for him. And I decided to test it out on someone and it also worked.

That’s why I am showing you the strategy.

It is the forum strategy. Notice I didn’t say the Facebook group.

No, I meant forum. You can just easily go on forums and start contributing on platforms that are in your niche.

There are forums for automobiles, women, men, and several other aspects.

If you’re confused as to which forum to join. You can just join Quora and start answering questions related to the products that you’ve reviewed.

But one thing happened when my friend was using this strategy.

He realized that there are no questions related to his product in the forum he used.

Although the group is related to his new niche he didn’t see any questions related to his product.

You know you need to provide a valid answer then send the people to a page on your website where a product that can solve that problem will be bought.

So, he decided to open two accounts on that forum.

One as a Novice with a separate name and the other as an expert with a separate name.

So, he would ask questions related to his products with an account.

He will wait for a little for someone to provide an answer.

Then, he would now answer secondly with a link to his page where people will buy.

It worked very well for him even before his Affiliate review article started ranking on Google.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have enough money to kickstart and run an advert.

You can just use this method and get sales every day just from forums.

It will also be effective if you use groups like Facebook group – but the way the Admins are now very strict with their groups is now heavy.

So, you might get tired after spending a few weeks or months on a group and the day you drop your website link…

…you realize that you got banned or disapproved.

Which is uncommon on the forum. You can always share a link on forums but don’t share Affiliate links or link to a squeeze page.

Always send to a review page that your Affiliate links are inside… You won’t look fishy this was.

Should You Join Walmart Affiliate Program?

Oh yes, you should. If you’re passionate about e-commerce products and you have been thinking about how to kickstart.

Just go ahead and join this program. The reason why it’s a perfect fit for anybody who has been thinking of doing e-commerce is that it doesn’t cost you any risk.

Instead of bothering about the delivery fee or thinking of how you will ship products from AliExpress for less fee.

Why not just do the Walmart Affiliate and start earning money from e-commerce products.

Also the Commission they pay Affiliate is 1-4% from the product price.

Unlike Amazon that pays 3% mostly on Affiliate sales.

Just get your website and every possible requirement ready and commence your journey.

Also, I am sure you have your PayPal account ready for your Affiliate commission.

You can receive your Walmart Commission through PayPal.



You can always register for the Walmart Affiliate Program and Earn a reasonable Affiliate Commission rate that pays well.

Don’t slack on this and make sure to use all the strategies I have provided in this article.

They are what other people charge money to teach and create courses for on Udemy.

Got any questions? Drop them in the comment box below.


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