7 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos

7 Best Way To Get Paid To Watch Videos

We all watch videos for fun and we don’t get any dime watching them. We watch movies for fun and even argue about them.

This means that it is like a hobby for us because we can’t but do without films.

But many people have been wondering and asking if it’s possible to also get paid just from watching videos.

This might not even be watching ads online – but maybe just from watching movies and also earning from it.

Isn’t that interesting? Imagine earning money from something that you already see as a hobby.

I can recount that many sports lovers especially those who enjoy football and watch football matches a lot can earn from it.

They have sports predictions where they can bet concerning who will win and get paid from it.

So, why can’t such apply to us that enjoy watching movies? At least, it will motivate us to watch more videos.

Now, is there any way we can make money from watching videos truly?

Well, the answer is yes! Although, there is no betting in this and most of the articles out there that guarantee to teach me are not concrete for a long-term goal.

I want something that can last me a long time and I can keep earning from watching videos.

That’s what I have found out today and I will be revealing them to you in this article.

So, let us dive straight to the things you can do and have passion for – and start earning money for yourself doing what you love best (which is watching videos).

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How to get paid to watch videos

How to get paid to watch videos

  1. Working For A Top YouTuber.
  2. Watch Netflix Videos And Make  Review On YouTube.
  3. Write Captions For Movies On Freelance Website.
  4. Build Rapport With Movie Producers And Help Preview And Correct TV Series.
  5. Doing Voice-over.
  6. Watching Some Free Tutorials On Coursera.
  7. Join Some Networking Websites.


Below Are The Processes That You Can Take to Watch Videos And Make Money.


1. Working For A Top YouTuber:

One of the first ways that you can earn money from watching videos and make money is by working for a top YouTuber.

You can find top YouTubers who have a reasonable and considerable number of subscribers on his or her channel.

Then decide to work for him or her and start earning money from helping the YouTuber to review every updated video.

The thing is that – almost every online influencer also needs people who can help them review their content before uploading.

So, if you can be the one to help them to review their content and also help them post it on their channel.

It will go a long way in helping them upload quality content on their channel.

Although, you can decide to work for free at first for the first few months and gain their trust.

Then, after some time – you can decide to tell them to pay you a fee for continuing with them.

They will be obliged to pay you since you are helping them watch and review their videos.

That’s why I am telling you to work for YouTubers who have a lot of subscribers and you can see that are financially stable.

A YouTuber that even if you charge $300 – he or she can pay without having any negative impact.

You don’t want to spend months helping someone to review a video and they end up not agreeing to pay you after working for free.

So, this is the first way you can make money from watching videos.

This is something many people out there are doing – they review videos for Top YouTubers and get paid.

You can also start to review YouTube videos and start making money.


2. Watch Netflix Videos And Make Review On YouTube:

Another way to make money watching videos online is to watch movies on Netflix and do the review on YouTube.

Oh yes, you can do this and you will make a lot of money from doing it.

If you go on YouTube you will see many people doing reviews of movies even before some fans watch them.

The thing is that some people might have heard about a movie and they will decide to watch the review before watching.

I remember when I was about to watch the finale for Game of Thrones(GOT).

I was a little bit skeptical about what will happen to the dragon mother and Jon snows.

So, I made the best decision to go to YouTube and first watch the review that someone made concerning it.

It was the best decision because I didn’t bother to watch it. I was able to know that everything ended in a tragedy.

So, I saved the stress I should have used to go watch what is not going to improve my zeal.

But what I am trying to prove here is that – people go to watch reviews on YouTube a lot.

Some people might hear about a movie or series and do not believe what people are saying.

There best place to consult is YouTube and Google. Even if you want to finish the work and you can write content.

You can even write content and build a website for a movie review and rank it for Google SEO.

This way, you will start monetizing your videos through AdSense, and once you have a lot of subscribers…

…some big movie brands will start messaging you to promote their movie on your channel and website.

Don’t be biased when reviewing the video – if it is good. Say it is good.

And if it is bad… say it is bad. You will have many trolls who will condemn and tackle you for saying bad or good concerning their favorite actor or actress.

But it’s part of Fame and it exactly what will determine you making enough money just from doing what you like which is watching movies to make money.


3. Write Captions For Movies On Freelance Website:

Another way to make a consistent amount of money from online hustle through watching videos is being a freelancer.

There are many people on Fiverr and some other freelance platforms that help people to write subtitles and captions for their videos.

This is something easy that almost anybody can do. Most of it might be in the English language which I am sure that you are good at.

Oh yes, since you can read what I am writing – then, you also be able to subtitle videos for people.

It is also a way of watching videos and getting paid. Just open an account on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer and display your expertise.

You can decide to nurture two of any best freelance platforms that you know.

It is very easy to display your expertise and these websites have their SEO where people search and you get shown.

And hundreds of people are going to these websites to look for people who will help them caption their video adverts and movies for a few bucks.

And you will earn your money easily. Is it not cool? It’s cool.

You only have to show curiosity and be devoted and you will see yourself have 5 Stars In your rating with hundreds of clients already.


4. Build Rapport With Movie Producers And Help Preview And Correct TV Series:

Another way to make money watching videos online is to build a good rapport with movie producers and be reviewing films and TV series for them.

Just like the way you build rapport with a YouTuber – you can also do the same with movie producers.

Although, this aspect might not be easy for you – because most of them might already have people who review their movies.

Also, the producers are mostly busy and don’t have time for social media that much.

Unlike YouTubers where you can always find them online because that’s their source of income.

But you can just build rapport with them and have them pay you for reviewing their movies for them.

It’s also a job and they also pay people to do that because it’s not easy sitting down to review videos again.

So, this aspect of this guide is just like a bonus method for those who have easy access to some movie producers.

Or to some who have the zeal to make things work out no matter what.

But you can always use the ones we have discussed and the ones we will be discussing to make money watching videos.


5. Doing Voice-over:

Another way just like doing caption for videos is also doing voice-over for videos.

There are some marketers or brands who have a finished video in their possession but need a good voice-over.

You would have watched some video adverts that are very professional and make use of human voice.

It’s not every big brand that likes machine voice in their adverts. That’s where the function of those who do voice-over comes in.

So, along the way, you can do caption and subtitles for videos and make money on freelance platforms.

Don’t just limit yourself to only doing captions. You can add Voice-over to your profession and get more videos to watch.

This way – you can start to kill two birds with only one stone.

So, anyone who gets to check your page through the caption can also see that you are good at voice-over, and give you more gigs(works).

These are real and fantastic ways to watch videos and keep making money online.

Also, a method like this will be available for life and keep earning you money because people are doing adverts every day.

Also, the need for video adverts is now rampant because customers now like to see what they want to pay for in demonstration.

So, just go and open your voice-over gig on Fiverr or another platform and keep making money watching videos.


6. Watching Some Free Tutorials On Coursera:

Actually when I was about adding this point – I felt skeptical but I also have the feeling that its part of making money watching videos.

Oh yes, there are some free courses and tutorials on Coursera that you can watch and earn money.

These tutorials are created by an expert in that field and they are teaching classy things that you will have to pay to learn from other experts.

So, that’s the fact – it’s also an effective strategy. You can just learn a skill on Coursera and use the skill to make money.

You can learn anything – it is more like watching videos also. You sit down and watch and use it to earn.

Isn’t it more of watching videos and making money? Let me know in the comment box below.


6. Join Some Networking Websites:

I have to make this the last because it is not reliable for a long time.

Any of the websites can decide to stop working and maybe don’t have companies that pay them for the tasks of paid advertisement.

So, once that happens – such a website can crash. But I have decided to list a few among the trusted ones I know here for you to read them and join them.

This is just for more money in your pocket – the methods listed above are already okay for you.

But this article might not be complete if I don’t add this. So, let us check them out one by one.

Websites that you can join to get paid watching videos online.


A. myBitcoinTube:

One of the best platforms that can pay you for watching videos is myBitcoinTube.

Although this platform is majorly favorable for those who are into Cryptocurrency and can receive coins through their wallet.

Also, if you have a YouTube channel – you can place their videos on your channel to get more views and get paid up to $21 per video.

The registration process on this platform is very easy and you can earn Bitcoin from watching videos through them.

You will be given a dashboard where all your video tasks will be placed on your dashboard.

So, you will log in and have to watch the videos for 60 seconds and get paid in Bitcoin.

myBitcoinTube is a video advertising platform that has brands give them videos that they can advertise and they now give each task to their members and pay them in Cryptocurrency.

There is always more beneficial for active users who are coming back to watch more videos.

This platform shares its Commission with its members accordingly and even gives you more benefit when you refer advertisers.

Anyone that passes through your link to place a video advert on this platform will earn you $10 in BTC.

Also when you refer advertisers to purchase video ads on this platform – you will earn 10% from their purchases.

myBitcoinTube always credits your account when a task is made and you can withdraw your funds anytime you like.

This is a good platform for anyone who wants to make money from video ads online.


B. Viggle:

Viggle is a reward website that pays you for watching movies and TV series.

You will get paid in points for watching TV shows on Netflix and other video platforms like Amazon, Hulu.

Getting paid on this website is not directly cash. You will always get paid in points which you can later convert the point to cash rewards.

Viggle has enough rewards for its users to enjoy. You can download the Viggle application on your phone to easily get access to your tasks.

Viggle will give you some points that you will earn when you finish take just like I said and you can exchange your points for Gift cards and other prizes.

This platform is free to join and every login you make is like minting cash all the time.

Once you check out any TV show on this platform – you will earn some perk points.

This app is very effective and it can make you enough money to pay current bills and some other unforeseen bills.



PrizeRebel is a website that has been in existence for 13 years and is still in existence today.

This website pays its members for accessing the internet and doing all sorts of tasks.

Also, they will pay you for watching videos on their platform.

Registration is free and easy – just input your username and email addresses where you will have to confirm your login.

You will earn cash from every task complete on the website. Also, you can perform other tasks and get paid more.

PriceRebel is available in hundreds of countries out there and they have been paying their members for a long time.

So, even if you are not from a third-world country. You will still enjoy a lot of benefits from this website.

Just go ahead and register now and begin making money while watching videos.

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Another platform where you can get paid from reviewing and watching videos is YOU-CUBES.

This platform has been in existence since 2007 and has done over 20,000 membership payments to its users.

It is another platform recommended in this guide that will pay you for performing tasks.

You will earn CUBES from every video that you watch and it is these CUBES that you can convert into cash rewards or other rewards.

If you have been in the get paid online doing task niche for a while now.

You will know that it is very difficult for someone to get websites that can accept members from every country.

That is what this website is doing to also be among the best – because they accept members from all countries.

Just go ahead and register on their Platform and start watching videos to get paid.

Their commission rate depends on the membership level of the user on their platform.

You can go check it out because they do change it from time to time.

But they don’t pay cash out to everyone – there is a level of seniority in giving out rewards on this platform.

Also, the withdrawal period takes 14 days for the payment to reflect in the bank account.

Or you can just use PayPal or Bitcoin to request a quick fund which is very good for anyone who has a crypto account.


Benefits of Making Money Watching Videos Online

Benefits of Making Money Watching Videos Online

1. Side Hustle:

One thing about this aspect of a business is that it serves as a side hustle for many people and you can also add it as a side hustle.

This business is a very good source of making extra money online.

Since it doesn’t affect the regular job that you are doing.

If you register on one of the free websites above and start waiting for tasks. You don’t have to keep looking for websites to pay you for watching videos.

This is something that you and I do for fun. We watch movies and even narrate scenes to other people.

Also, some people might even come to you for assistance in helping them review their videos.

And you have no choice but to help them review it even without any pay.

So, there is nothing bad in you trying out the websites above and also some methods listed to make money.

So, if you have been looking for a side hustle that can make you money from whatever you love to do best. Then, this is the go-to destination.


2. Real Business:

Watching videos for a living can also be seen as a real business aside from seeing it as a side hustle.

If you go on freelance websites – you will see some people doing the work of video services like subtitles and voice-over just like I stated earlier.

These people have already made this their business. It is what they wake up every morning to nurture.

They think about it all the time because it is what’s putting food on their table. This is what is paying all their bills.

The amazing thing about this is that – they can never run out of loss because freelance websites will be available forever.

The internet is upgrading every day and new technologies are being discovered.

The more the technologies keep getting discovery – the more internet keeps booming.

So, being a freelancer can be a lifetime business for you because people are making thousands of dollars from freelancing.

And this can sustain you for a living. I know some family men who are only doing freelancing to cater to their family and make their kids have the best things.

So, you can make this a business by doing this freelancing and even also reviewing movies on YouTube.

You can be doing that to earn money from YouTube and live a happy life.


3. Video Expertise:

One thing I know is that experience is the best teacher. That is why the practical will always overpower the theory.

So, doing this will give you more idea about videos and whichever aspect you involve in.

Just from reviewing movies online – you can start to write scripts for producers.

Oh yes, you can!

It is a developmental process that graduates you from time to time. You will just see yourself doing what you never thought you could do.

Even by doing subtitles and voice-over – you can start getting to know adverts that will convert well.

Because you will get some feedback in your freelance account about how to client sees your service.

Some can tell you that your voice 5× their profit and they do previously make $ABC but not that you added your voice – they are now making $XYZ.

I hope you get the idea?

You will just keep learning every day and keep knowing what works well from what doesn’t work.

Things that you normally have to buy courses to learn about. It will come open to you from experience.


4. Good for unforeseen circumstances:

I have seen a marketer that was stuck in the hospital for 3 months and wasn’t able to do his only works due to depression from his sick child.

He was totally out of the idea and couldn’t work from the hospital ward. He had to stay with his son until he is fine.

This way, he can’t work or even upload content on his website and youtube channel.

That was when he thought about leveraging survey websites and he started watching videos for fun.

He didn’t have it in mind maybe it can work for him. But just because he is now in a situation that needs him to pay for unforeseen bills.

He had to look for another way on the internet that can earn him small cash to settle the little fees in the hospital.

That was when the idea of watching videos on survey websites came into practice.

And he kept doing it and he was earning some money to settle bills till he returns from the hospital.

He had to do this for months before his son got discharged from the hospital and he returned to work.

Now, the thing is that this is also what this hustle can do for you.

You can select from the method above and use one for your benefit.


5. Build Network:

Doing this will also have you the chance of building more networks with people.

You will move from your comfort zone to another zone and meet new friends online.

There are some people already in this business that are doing it. So, once you also start earning and you also join some groups.

You will meet people who will be willing to work more with you and share more knowledge with you.

The Internet has made us see people from several countries. You won’t only be limited to friends in your neighborhood.

Friends from several parts of the world will connect. It might be from freelancing.

Or it might be some of the YouTubers that you are working for to help review their videos.

It is part of networking and it’s the main reason why people keep growing once they build rapport with other people.


6. Have Fun:

On top of everything – having fun is important. The moment you start doing all these and keep building a network…

…you will be having fun along the way. Always make sure to have fun because this business will make you have fun.

I have seen some YouTubers on vacation and they are shooting live videos from their location.

Even freelancers will tell you that they can work from anywhere and be having fun with the family.

It is all part of the process – you need to have fun along the way.

You will enjoy a lot of fun in this business – it is now left for you to embrace it.

I remember was I was doing social media management for people. As the first way of earning online.

I had a lot of fun because it’s not stressful at all. The same thing is with this aspect of a business.

You are only going to sit down and be watching movies and videos and be making money.

This alone is fun on its own because you don’t have to work 9-5 pm on an energy-consuming job.


Shortcoming of Making Money Watching Videos Online

Shortcoming of Making Money Watching Videos Online


Let us look at the wrong side of this business.

1. Time Consuming:

For someone who has a big dream and wants to build an empire in the future for the coming generations.

Then, you should know that this kind of business is meant to be for a short period and every day before you sleep…

…you should be thinking of a business you can do that makes money without your presence.

That’s when you will realize that it is time-consuming.

This kind of business that requires you to watch a video before getting paid is not going to sponsor you for a high budget.

Even the pay is less compared to other types of business.

Even if you have a YouTube channel and you only monetize it through AdSense. It is still a small fee.

I believe I am speaking to someone?

So, you should know that it cannot serve you for a long time and should start finding works that won’t be time-consuming for life.


2. Many Scam Video Websites:

When doing the survey and watching videos on survey Websites.

You have to be careful of other websites that claim to pay people for earning money watching videos but only lying.

There are many websites out there that will promise to make you earn money from them by just sitting and clicking on videos.

The majority of them are all fake and you should be careful. Even the ones revealed in this article cannot be a guarantee for life.

I don’t know what they can become tomorrow a few months after writing this guide.

That is my I made survey websites to be the last in the ways to make money watching videos.

You can surely try to put the top 4 to 5 ways and just stick with those because they will be effective for a long time.

But the survey – I cannot guarantee… it is just for someone who wants to also make quick money.

So, just be careful with those scam websites out there in case you don’t want to use the real ones I recommend here.

I believe this is well understood? Good!

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Making money by watching videos online is something that will make you money in your pocket.

And with the strategies listed above – you can get paid to watch videos…

…and you are certain not to only rely on get-paid websites before you can earn money from watching videos.

You are sure to always make money for life from doing what you love best which is watching videos.

So, let me know the strategy that you think will work best for you by writing it down below in the comment box.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends by clicking any of the social icons below.


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