11 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives That Pays Well

11 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives That Pays Well

Netflix is not a new name to almost every internet user. Most of the time – even when scrolling on your social media pages.

You will see their ads show on your screen with a movie in action that you will want to watch.

Even if their ads didn’t show on your screen. You will have heard about them from your favorite movie actors and actresses.

They will tell you to go and watch their new movie on Netflix and make sure to subscribe to enjoy every movie you like.

Since Netflix is a Streaming platform for TV Series and Movies. They have grown their audience to over 130 million-plus subscribers and users.

Many people watch movies on Netflix – I am sure you might be one of them.

But even though many people knew about Netflix as a Streaming platform where they can watch their favorite movies.

Only a few knew that they could have made money from Netflix through the Netflix Affiliate Program a few years back.

Oh yes, Netflix paid their Affiliates a robust and enjoyable commission for any sign-up made through their Affiliate referrals.

But is Netflix still operating this Affiliate program up till now?

No! Netflix has closed their Affiliate program and thousands of their Affiliates are earning high revenue just from the Netflix Affiliate Program…

…a few years back are sad about the decision. I am even among those who wished they could continue the Affiliate program.

But what are we going to do – we can’t help but continue to look for other alternatives that will pay us for doing the services of Netflix.

That’s why this article will be for those who realized that the Netflix Affiliate Program is no more for now till when God knows when.

But are looking for other movie streaming platform like Netflix that also pays a reasonable amount of commission to their Affiliate.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;


Why did Netflix cancel their Affiliate Program?

It’s surprising though and nobody can say this is the specific reason.

But think about it. Why are brands doing Affiliate programs? Is it because they care about marketers?

Are they doing Affiliate programs to make marketers rich and make money?

Maybe yes, but their major reason for doing Affiliate programs is to sell more of their products and make more customers for themselves.

But come to look at Netflix – they already have the popularity they deserve.

Over 130 million + have subscribed to the Netflix platform and are renewing their subscriptions.

So, Netflix sees no reason to keep paying Affiliates any money again.

Since they are already a top brand that is getting talked about all the time and are getting new subscribers every day.

They now prefer to stick with just running paid adverts to stay in the mind of their subscribers and convert subscriptions who have heard about them but haven’t subscribed to their channel.

That’s why Affiliates should move to another platform that still supports Affiliates and pay them a reasonable commission.

I believe you are feeling me?

Now let us look at the several alternatives to Netflix that you can join and earn a significant amount of money with less stress.

Should we proceed? Grab your coffee and let’s flow.


Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

  1. Amazon Prime Videos
  2. Hulu
  3. Sling TV
  4. Fubo TV
  5. Peacock TV
  6. DISH
  7. ESPN plus
  8. FITE
  9. Showtime
  10. Philo
  11. Disney Plus


1. Amazon Prime Videos:

The Amazon prime videos can also be called prime videos. It’s own by the Amazon brand.

The prime videos are just like Netflix where users can subscribe and what movies and TV series on the internet.

The subscription plan of Amazon prime videos is just $5.99. This makes it very easy for people to pay and watch movies.

  • Commission Rate: $3
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Payment Process: Direct Bank Deposit
  • Registration Link: Amazon Prime Videos 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Amazon Associates


It’s lesser than Netflix though and as an affiliate of this program. You might feel cheated since you can’t earn up to what you will earn on Netflix.

But you have to also think about the number of people you can get to subscribe to when something is less.

If you combine 100 people to click on your affiliate link. The percentage of those who will subscribe to Amazon will be high to that of Netflix because of the cheap price.

So, as an affiliate for this program. Go all for this program and promote it the best way.

It’s own by one of the biggest brands on the planet. Amazon is not strange to any internet user.

To join this program, you can easily join Amazon Associates and get yourself registered.

It is as easy as that.

Kindly make sure that you have a website for your request to be approved.

There is a long-form that you will fill before you can be eligible.

The reason why I love Amazon Associates is that they have several means of paying their Affiliates and make them receive commission easily.


2. Hulu:

Hulu is another video streaming platform that also offers a wide range of video services.

They have users who subscribe to their platform every day and watch movies and TV series on their platform.

Hulu also has its Affiliate program where Affiliate Marketers can register and earn commission from any subscription made by their referrals.

Hula pays $9.60 for every Affiliate referral that you made.

  •  Commission Rate: $9.60
  • Cookie Duration: 1 to 14 days
  • Payment Process: Cash Deposit
  • Registration Link: Hulu Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel: FlexOffers affiliate network 

Registration on their Affiliate platform is very easy – but they only approve Affiliates who have a website.

You will also need to provide your website category and monthly visit to get approved.


3. Sling TV:

Sling TV is one of the leading online streaming brands that offer video services on over 130+ channels.

Their users are allowed to register for 30+ channels with a subscription fee of $35.

  • Commission rate:  $2 – 2.50
  • Cookie duration:  30day
  • Payment process
  • Registeration link: Slingtv
  • Affiliate Program Link: Slingtv Affiliate

Sling offers many video services from movies, sports entertainment, and many other fun lifestyles.

Sling has its Affiliate program where it pays Affiliate for bringing more subscribers into their platform.

Registration for the Affiliate program is quite easy as much as you have your website.

Although the sling Affiliate trade can only be done locally in the U.S or Puerto Rico.

That means if you’re promoting the sling Affiliate program. Your referrals must be from the U.S or Puerto Rico.

If not, you won’t earn any referrals because that’s where Sling TV has its services being in operation.

They hope to move to other countries very soon.

The payment process for sling Affiliate program is controlled by CJ Affiliates. So, if you’re using CJ Affiliates for your Affiliate Marketing and you trust them.

You can give the Sling Affiliate program a trial.


4. Fubo TV:


Fubo TV is another streaming platform that offers a wide range of News, Sport and Entertainment shows.

They have viewers and subscribers who have a passion for entertainment shows.

Fubo has a smaller plan for their users to have access to 100 channels for as little as $59.99.

  • Commission rate: $15per sales
  • Cookie duration: 30days
  • Payment process: Direct bank deposit
  • Registeration link: Fubotv Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program channel: Impact Radius

Fubo does not only offer TV services but also offers mobile streaming services where their users can use their mobile gadgets to view videos online.

Currently, fubo is available in the USA, Canada, and Spain. So, what does this mean to Affiliates?

It means your referral must come from the countries stated above before you can earn.

The tracking and monitoring of Fubo services are done by Impact Radius.

Impact Radius controls the Fubo Affiliate Program and pays the funny Affiliate.


5. Peacock TV:

Why did Netflix cancel their Affiliate Program?

If you’re a fan of WrestleMania like me – then Peacock TV will not be new to your hearing.

You might have heard one of their commentators saying “WrestleMania will be streaming live on peacock”.

This is peacock TV and they also have their Affiliate program where marketers can join and earn from their services.

Peacock makes use of Yazing for its Affiliate program. So, every registration you will be doing concerning becoming the Affiliate for this program will be through Yazing.

Peacock pays its members starting from $0.18 for a trial account and upgrades.

While they pay $8 for the active free user who signs up for the WWE subscription.

  • Commission rate: $0.18 Per Click Average
  • Cookie duration: 30days
  • Payment process: PayPal, Direct Bank deposit
  • Registeration link: Peacooktv Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program channel: Yazing

I think this is fantastic because you even earn from those who only registered for a free account.

If you have an audience who loves WrestleMania. Then, you can make them subscribe to the peacock Affiliate program and earn decent money for yourself.

You don’t have to keep waiting till Netflix returns their Affiliate program.

Only God knows when.


6. DISH:

DISH is another top streaming platform that pays its Affiliate a reasonable amount of commission.

It’s a TV advertiser that streams video services online and they compensate their Affiliates for both online cart orders and offline phone orders.

If you have enough traffic coming into your Entertainment website and you have been thinking of how best to monetize that website.

Look no further – DISH is paying well and they provide you with the resources needed to scale.

  • Commission rate: 3%
  • Cookie duration: 30days
  • Payment process: Card Transfer
  • Registeration link: Dish Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Channel: Commission Junction

You can keep making Affiliate sales from blogging and writing about entertainment which is your passion.

You can join the dish Affiliate Program through CJ Affiliates.

They are the Affiliate partner of DISH and it’s free to join – just like the other programs we have been discussing since.


7. ESPN plus:

Netflix Affiliate Program

If you’re a fan of sports – you would have heard and known ESPN+ because they stream UFC sport a lot.

ESPN+ is a video streaming platform that streams Sports from every device on the internet.

You can join the ESPN+ Affiliate program and earn a decent amount of money from every sign-up you make from your affiliate referrals.

Aside from being a sports website. ESPN+ cares a lot about Marketing and they didn’t just leave their Affiliates hanging.

They bring down Affiliates staying on the fence and complaining of not knowing where to start…

…by providing affiliate banners, links, and graphics that can convert your website visitors, easily.

That’s not all, they have a landing page build by their website design team with the best Copywriters to make a visitor sign up quickly.

So, I like them because they care about their visitors and make their Affiliates earn big.

As an affiliate of ESPN+ – you might realize that you need to stay updated to bring out amazing content in the world of sport.

ESPN+ got you covered because you will get their updates in your email and that will reduce your stress of researching on content to write.

ESPN+ subscription fee is $5.99 every month. &59.99 annually and $89.98 for the yearly plan.

Although the prices are based on plans and more advanced features that the subscribers both sign up for.

So, it depends greatly on which plan that your Affiliate referral signs up for.

That’s what will determine your commission.
The ESPN+ Affiliate program is available on their platform.

  • Commission rate: 20.50%
  • Cookie duration: 21days
  • Payment process: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer
  • Registeration link: ESPN+ Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel: ESPN Network


8. FITE:

Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Another streaming platform where your visitors can watch live sports streaming is FITE.

FITE is one of the top streaming Platforms for Sport and Entertainment.

So, if your website is majorly on sports and entertainment and you’re not comfortable with the ones we have mentioned.

Give FITE a trial and start earning from your website.

You can register for FITE Affiliate Program on CJ Affiliates.

Although you will be asked some requirements just like the other Affiliate programs.

But it’s straightforward. CJ Affiliates do the FITE paying and tracking of Affiliate leads.

They also pay a reasonable amount of commission for their Affiliate sign-ups.

  • Commission rate: 10 – 20%
  • Cookie duration: 30days
  • Payment process: Paypal
  • Registeration link: Fite Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program channel: Commission Junction 


9. Showtime:

What is Netflix Affiliate Program?

Showtime is a movie series platform that streams movies, comedies, tv series, and other shows.

They also have their Affiliate program where they hire Affiliates and pay them a reasonable amount of commission.

  • Commission rate: $7
  • Cookie Duration:10days
  • Payment process: Paypal, direct deposit
  • Registeration link : Showtime Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program channel: Impact Radius

The SHOWTIME streaming platform is also like Netflix where you watch your favorite movies.

Showtime is a hungry streaming platform that needs more subscription to its platform

They know they have a lot of competition – so they are ready to compensate any Affiliate who will bring more subscribers for them.

The SHOWTIME subscription plan is for $10.99. and they pay Affiliates for any paying subscriber who pays through your Affiliate link.

The Affiliate Program that Showtime partner with is Impact Radius.

So, every Affiliate activity that you will perform to get started with Showtime is through Impact Radius.

Showtime doesn’t approve sites that promote or write about sexual content or illegal content.

They only approve sites or apps that have decent legal activity on their platform.

They don’t approve sites that are under construction. So, make sure your website is fully ready.


10. Philo:

11 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives That Pays Well

Philo is another online streaming platform that offers video services base on subscription.

One thing I love about Philo is the ability to give their Affiliates enough reason why someone should sign up through their affiliate link.

Once anyone signs up through your Affiliate link – Philo gives them a $5 discount for the first month of signing up through your affiliate link.

You also get $5 credit from all your next Philo Bills.

  • Commission rate: $10
  • Cookie duration: 30days
  • Payment process:  Direct bank transfer
  • Registeration link: Philo Affiliate Program

It’s a magnificent way of earning and you can use your earnings to subscribe to Philo services.

Philo Affiliate program comes with a lot of goodies for their Affiliates.

You can join Philo Affiliate by going to their platform and register for your website.

It’s a super easy process.

Also, your website or app visitors will be happy about this kind of service if you recommend Philo services to them.

They will enjoy discounts which many people like a lot.

People like Free things!!!


11. Disney Plus:

Disney+ is a video streaming platform that is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

You might have heard about the Walt Disney production if you watch movies a lot.

The Walt Disney production and studio stream their TV series and movies produced by them on this platform.

Some other movies and TV series are also distributed and streamed by the Disney Plus brand.

I was amazed the Disney Plus brand has its Affiliate program that pays well when I heard it.

They pay $11 for every sign-up made through an affiliate’s link.

  • Commission rate: $11
  • Cookie duration: 45days
  • Payment process: PayPal
  • Registeration link: Disney Plus Affiliate
  • Affiliate Program channel: Disney Plus

The Disney Affiliate Program is free just like the other Affiliate programs.

Also, they update their Affiliates about new series just coming out and other movies.

This will get you to update your website quickly and get traffic from fans searching for these movies.

It’s a better way to stay updated with the new trend.

Joining the Disney+ Affiliate program is very easy. Just head straight to the Disney Plus website to join their Affiliate program.


12. AMC Networks:

AMC Network is a live streaming platform just like Netflix where people subscribe to watch their favorite series.

AMC Network has a collective number of movies and TV series that people subscribe to watch a lot.

Although they might not have an audience as large as Netflix they are not a small name in the movie industry.

They are popular and they also have an affiliate program that many affiliates are joining to promote the program.

Their affiliate program is paying well and they don’t underdeliver to their prospective affiliate marketers.

The company has been in existence since 41 years ago and that tells you the ability that this company possesses.

The commission rate for any affiliate referral made to this affiliate program is $0.80 minimum for every free trial.

Also, they have a 45 Days Cookie period which they offer to their affiliates which makes it easy for you to earn.

If you refer someone and someone still subscribes later through your Affiliate Link before 45 Days elapse. You will still earn your commission.

  • Commission Rate: $0.80
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days
  • Payment Process:
  • Registration Link: AMC Network
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Flex Offers


13. Paramount+:

Paramount+ which is formerly called CBS All Access is a video streaming platform that also offers live services.

They also have services that are very much focused on the sports areas, comedy areas, and cartoon areas.

They are streaming networks that go live to shoot anything happening in the history of football.

Also, they go live to stream some TV shows that will help support and create convenience for viewers at home.

With that being said about Paramount+, they also have their affiliate program to bring more people into their platform.

They offer affiliate commission to anyone who can bring more viewers and streamers into their platform.

If you are someone who can also bring more people in to show interest in this affiliate program – then they will gain a lot.

The starting plan of Paramount+ is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per annual.

They have tools that you can use to promote the affiliate network and also increase your conversion.

You will get access to banners and more promotional tools that you can place on your website for easy traffic.

The commission rate for this program is $9 and they have a cookie duration of 10 days.

This is a fantastic Affiliate program that you should not just overlook but take advantage of.

    • Commission Rate: $9
    • Cookie Duration: 10 Days
    • Payment Process:
    • Registration Link: Paramount+
    • Affiliate Program Channel:


14. Vidgo:

Another online streaming platform that delivers live performance and services to its customers and viewers is Vidgo.

Vidgo online streaming services have also been in existence for a long while and they are into serving for a long time.

They offer a $10 service charge a month for access to up to 95+ channels which anyone can easily watch.

This service that Vidgo offers is also what makes them stand tall among its competitors.

And that is why they are also on the lookout for more customers and viewers who will subscribe to their channels.

So, the best way for this to be possible for them is to start rendering an affiliate program.

The Vidgo affiliate program is also a much beneficial affiliate program that you can also join and start making money from.

They have services that are fully focused on what your referrals will like and enjoy.

Their affiliate program is $10 per referral and they offer 30 days Cookie period.

They have services that also carry English-speaking stations like ESPN, MTV, and others.

  • Commission Rate: $10
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Payment Process:
  • Registration Link: Vidgo Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel:


Best Ways To Promote These Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are some ways through which you can promote these affiliate programs without much confusion.

And if I don’t give you the few tricks you can use to promote them – then this guide will not be that complete.

So, let us Immediately look that the ways through which you can promote them.

  1. Use YouTube Channel.
  2. Penetrate Online Streaming Groups.
  3. Use Pinterest Pins.


1. Use YouTube Channel:

The first way that is much free and cool to use is the Youtube marketing process.

If you have a YouTube channel already which you can make use of to keep doing review videos – then it’s very cool.

And if you don’t have any channel which you can start using to make review videos for affiliate marketing.

Then you can easily head over to YouTube {Link} and immediately sign up with your email address to open your youtube channel.

The reason why I recommend YouTube first is that – aside from the fact that it is a video streaming platform also.

It is also a search engine platform where people come to look for solutions to their problems.

Also, some people are online looking for platforms where they can watch movies.

No matter how popular Netflix can be – there are a lot of people who wouldn’t like the platform.

And they will be looking for alternative platforms that also render services that Netflix is rendering.

Although, it would have been much better if the Netflix affiliate program is still in existence.

But since it is not – then you can easily make videos on its alternatives which people can watch movies from.

And at the descriptions of your videos – you can easily link put your affiliate link below the video.

And when anyone clicks on your affiliate link to sign up – you will earn your juice commission.


2. Penetrate Online Streaming Groups:

You can also penetrate online streaming groups to get access to a lot of people.

You can join some forums that are fully focused on movie watchers or sports viewers.

There are some groups on telegram and also on Facebook that you can join and easily by sharing your links.

Although, Facebook doesn’t allow affiliate links on their platform except if your cloak the link with an affiliate link Cloaker like Thirsty Affiliates.

But telegram has a lot of groups where people go to get new updates on

new movies that are just coming out.

So, if you can also be their best plug and add private message those who are in those groups to also join your group.

You can keep seeing them well and keep recommending these affiliate programs to them to stream live.

You wouldn’t want to keep spamming other people’s groups with your affiliate links – and that is why I suggest that you make them join your group instead.

It can look a little bit stressful but anything that will yield something positive will always take the stress.


3. Use Pinterest Pins:

Pinterest is a platform that many people overlook and it’s a fantastic way to generate quality traffic.

The percentage of people that go to Pinterest to look for a solution is very much.

And that is why you shouldn’t just overlook the kind of traffic that you will get from Pinterest.

Just by posting a Pinterest Pin on your board – you can drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate links.

Just make sure that you create a bridge page or cloak your link just like I said earlier.

Don’t just be posting your affiliate links directly as it does not portray you well and platforms don’t even support affiliate links.

You only need to play wise for you to survive on the internet space because everyone is striving to survive.

So, if you start making use of Pinterest and get access to millions of quality traffic on the website – you start getting juice from the Pinterest SEO.

What you have to know is that Pinterest is also a Search engine optimization platform like Google.

People go there to search for keywords and a lot of people are also searching for Netflix alternatives.



Since Netflix has decided to close its Affiliate program. Many Affiliate Marketers out there have quit and felt like everything is gone.

They forgot that many Streaming platforms are still offering services that are related to that of Netflix and also have their Affiliate program.

Almost all the Affiliate programs that I talk about in this guide can be found on CJ Affiliate.

So, feel free to join them and start making money from your website.

If you’re passionate about video streaming services and you have been thinking of earning thousands of dollars.

This is the opportunity you’re looking for – don’t wait for Netflix Affiliate Program again.

Start with anyone from above and I will see you at the top.

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