Digital Marketing Video Production | 9 Video Production Secrets

Digital Marketing Video Production | 9 Video Production Secrets

One of the reasons why I love digital marketing video production is the less stress of producing a mouth-watering video.

You don’t necessarily need all the best pieces of equipment in the whole world to commence producing videos for your digital marketing journey.

Most of the popular social media platforms that have the highest number of users…

Already have their video platform fully customizable and equipped with

inbuilt tools that don’t require you to spend extra money to shoot the best videos (More on this shortly).

What I am trying to say is that you don’t need to invest a huge budget in camera, tripod, and other juicy

pieces of equipment to start a successful video production for digital marketing.

Just with your hand and your smartphone. You are okay to kickstart producing nice and beautiful videos to grow a successful digital marketing business.

Meaning Of Video Production In Digital Marketing.

Video production in digital marketing is the ability to use inbuilt tools that are already available in several social

media platforms and downloadable tools to create outstanding and top-notch videos to communicate with an audience.

There are some types of digital marketing video production tools that we will discuss shortly.

digital marketing video production 9 successful secrets

Types of digital marketing video production.

1. YouTube Stream Live:

The first type of digital marketing video production you can consider without any financial investment is YouTube Live.

This is a video tool founded by YouTube that can get you started to shoot videos for digital marketing.

Many Digital marketers and online brands are making use of this platform called YouTube to get clients and customers for this business.

I am sure you have gone in search of stuff on YouTube and you get to see some recommended videos.

Or you are on YouTube and you see some recommendations written “Live” on it.

This is someone using YouTube to shoot videos and reaching a large audience Immediately without needing to edit their videos.

It’s a live display and all the editing and blending needed is already available on this platform.

It’s just like going to the restaurant to get ready-made foods for yourself without needing to cook.

This is also a tool you can use for your brand and shoot videos easily.

Although, if you’re just starting. You might not have subscribers on your YouTube channel who will know that you’re shooting a video.

But YouTube will also make a recommendation of what you’re doing to other users when they come online for a separate reason.

Also, you can save this video for later use. Which makes it yours for life.

Start streaming live on YouTube without needing to invest in any tool or expensive gadgets.

All that you need is your smartphone or maybe your computer if you like.

YouTube has given you and me the opportunity and it’s left for us to grab it and start implementing it to shoot videos.

You can use this to explain your product/s or services.

Consider Using YouTube Lives Without Any Huge Investment. It’s FREE.


2. Facebook Live:

You should already be aware of this type of live video production by now.

But in case you’re not familiar with it. It’s called Facebook live. There are some third-party tools that you can Integrate with this platform to shoot outstanding videos.

Tools like streamyards can be Integrated to make your videos more fantastic and professional.

Thousands of marketers out there are using this Facebook live tool to make money for themselves by going live to shoot videos.

This is just like the TV shows you watch in your home at the comfort of your abode.

You can also start using this. The amazing thing is that you are using your Facebook account to shoot this kind of video, which is FREE.

You are not spending any dime to have access to this tool.

Also, because you already have friends on your account. Anytime you are live.

They will see you Live and see that what you are doing online.

Now, you can see the opportunity that social media and digital marketing at large have given to us.

Gone are the days where you need to invest a lot of money to shoot a professional video.

Here’s another opportunity that not everyone has heard about concerning what the platform they are using to chat with friends and catch fun has given to them.

If you haven’t started using this opportunity. Start using it and be making moolah online.

It’s a fantastic digital marketing video production tool.


3. Instagram Live:

Instagram live is more like Facebook but it’s more cool and nice in output.

This platform not only allows you to see those who join you.

It also makes you show the record of the accurate number of people that joined you live while shooting the video.

This means you can shoot videos with your team or your followers.

And after shooting the video. You don’t only have references to the video that you just shot.

You also have references for the number of people that came in attendance.

That’s how you will see many Instagram influencers show records of the people the came live with them.

I love Instagram video streaming because it’s like Live News.

Many people have used Instagram Live to shoot videos of the good and bad things going on in their vicinity.

They have exposed many secrets concerning the bad things happening in their society or country.

So, using this opportunity for your benefit is very cool and okay to kickstart your video production in digital marketing.


4. Tiktok Video:

Woohoo… It’s no more news that Tiktok is also taking over the digital marketing industry as a video-based social media platform.

The purpose of this platform is to shoot live and recording videos for you to display to your audience on both the platform and other Platforms.

It’s one of the new platforms that just came into existence and already has a lot of users.

They have multi-million daily users who make use of this platform.

When this platform came into existence, it was majorly occupied with young people.

It’s teenagers that are using the platform the most. But these days, adults have started using this platform.

So, going live to shoot your daily videos on this platform for FREE is never a bad idea.

You can meet your audience on this platform and begin to sell to them.

This platform presently has some outstanding tools that even change the appearance of your video.

You can decide to change your voice or turn a voice into music. You can mimic other people’s voices in your video display.

And many other amazing features. If you’re the kind that enjoys shooting videos a lot.

You can decide to be using this platform called TikTok for your video productions.

You can also download and save them on your mobile phone or laptop and share them on other social media platforms.

If you want to become a video mogul… Go ahead and register a TikTok account and start producing Videos.


5. Webinar Software:

There are some webinar Softwares out there that are free to produce videos for you.

Cloud-based software like Zoom can be used to create webinars for a course or product launch.

You can use this to promote your product or service.

You can also use this product to go live about any program you are anchoring and have the video saved for life.

You can redistribute the video and send it to other people to watch as a reference.

A cloud-based video production Software like zoom and other apps is what many Brands are using to schedule a virtual meeting.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, software like this works well for companies to continue their business.

The employees of a firm were able to share thoughts and discuss business.

Schools were also using these apps to schedule lectures and carry on their regular academic activities.

Churches were also using these apps to carry on Sunday services and other activities from the comfort of their home.

This is the digital world that we are all enjoying and it’s a blessing to be born in this world.

These tools are available for you to download on your smartphone and shoot your live videos.

Now, your digital marketing video production is accurate and top-notch without having to invest in expensive pieces of equipment.


6. Computer Camera:

Even if you don’t want to make use of the tools we have stated above.

You can make use of your smartphone camera or laptop camera to produce your videos.

If you don’t know – your smartphone has a video shooting aspect that you can use to produce videos.

Although there might be some tools that might lack in this inbuilt tool you can use some mobile or software applications to edit it very well.

If you go to your play store or AppStore or system store to download some video editing tools that you can use to edit your videos.

They are free tools that don’t need you to invest any dime into editing your videos.

You have to know that some paid tools can work well and have more advanced settings than the free ones.

But the free ones are ready to work for you and get you ready to kickstart your digital Marketing video production.

You can even start your video production agency with these tools by helping your clients set it up.

There are some local clients in your area that don’t even know that these tools exist.

Many people are using Facebook but don’t know that they can shoot a live video on Facebook.

You can use this to step ahead and earn more as another source of living.

Since we are done with this. Let us go below and look at the process you can use to produce digital marketing videos.

process of video production
The process of video production. Photo credit: pixabay

Process of Producing Digital Marketing Videos.


1. Topic Research & Planning:

The first thing to do when you’re about to use any of the platforms above or any other means of video production…

Is to research the topic or idea you want to talk about.

Sometimes, it might be something you are already familiar with or something you already have detailed information about.

But it requires you to list out the points and plan the way you want to flow when you’re live in the camera.

Whichever way you are going live, you don’t want to get on the screen and start blabbing “Uhm…Uhm…Uhm…” all the time.

You have to do your planning and speak fluently. Remember you’re talking to people.

Anytime you go live on any of the platforms above. You will have some people who will be watching you.

Also, you don’t want to be through with the live video and you end up not mentioning some Important points.

There’s nothing as paining as that because it will now be very difficult for you to do again.

So, you have to do your research about the topic you want to talk about before ever thinking of starting your video.

This is the first thing to do.


2. Script Concept:

This is asking you what way you want your live streaming to flow.

You know that your video should flow in a memorable order.

You cannot say what you ought to say in the last part at the beginning of the video.

So, which concept do you plan to use? You have to know your pattern of going live on the screen.

This is what will make you have your audience.

So, you have to plan out and write out the order that you want to make the video flow.

It’s just like when movie writers are about to shoot any film and they’re writing out their script.

They have several characters that will fit into some aspects. So, they write out the concept that they want to use.

They also have a goal for shooting the film. They know them why? And what the film is talking about and the audience they’re Targeting.

That’s how you should also plan your script concept and plan out yours.

You have to know your “WHY”. The main reason why you’re going live for the video in the first place.

You also have to know your audience and the people who will be ready to watch you and listen to you.

Not everyone can be your audience. So, the theme of your live video must be Targeted towards some specific people and not everybody.


3. Script Writing:

The next aspect of your video production is writing the perfect script.

Writing a perfect script can involve going the extra mile to pinpoint out the paining areas that people are experiencing.

As you know that scriptwriting involves taking people from the point of failure to victory.

If you watch movies a lot and see the storyline. You will notice the main character is always on a search for something.

Then the character will face a lot of challenges and later find victory.d

That’s how most movie script goes except for some few scripts that are different.

You also should take your viewer from the point where they are feeling pain to the promised Land.

Your viewers are presently feeling pain and they are struggling.

That’s why they saw your live video title and decide to join you. That’s why even when they are scrolling and have other distractions.

They decided to wait and stay to watch your video. So, you have to pinpoint their pains.

And try to create references as to why the pains are not their fault.

And try to provide a solution to their problems. This is how your perfect script should go.

Try to make them feel relief and never regret watching your video.

This is how most marketers sell tons of their products from live calls and webinars.

They provide value for their viewers and recommend their product as a complete solution.


4. Visual Planning:

The visual planning is the background and settings of your visual display.

You cannot show an uncaring attitude and make the background of your display look unclean and unplanned.

This is like the location where you are shooting the video. It has to be properly organized.

You should try to decorate your background and make it look beautiful and catchy to capture people’s love and attention.

You cannot expect to be teaching people about making money online and your background looks like a dump area.

Even if you’re not shooting a video on making money online – your background shouldn’t be worst.

Try to use a proper location that people will fall in love with. That’s the power of digital marketing for you.

So, use a specific location that is well arranged in your home or office and go live to shoot your videos.

Try to take note of this aspect because it’s part of a successful digital marketing video production that will contribute to your outcome.

Also, your appearance is important. Try to dress nicely and look good.

If you’re a lady who uses a little bit of make-up. Slap some lipsticks on your lips and look beautiful.

If you’re a guy… Style your hair and look good for your video production.

Don’t just go live and look like a tout. During the pandemic… You will see top officials of a company wearing suits to go live on screen.

Some people are even wearing undies below…hahaha…

But they made the upper part look good and professional. So, even if what you’re only wearing is underwear.

Try to look good at the top that’s showing you.

Also, if you know that you’re shooting all the body and showing your full body.

Wear something nice from the top to the bottom to show how sexy you are.

You should be going live as if you’re going for an appointment. That’s how it’s supposed to be.


5. Live Shooting:

The next is your shooting. You’re now ready to shoot your video and go live baby!!

Now, here’s the thing. Always make sure that your shooting is the best you can do.

Do the best you can do and you will be rewarded graciously for your effort.

If you’re using third-party tools on a platform like Facebook. Some third-party tools can be used for explanation.

Something like an arrow and all that to show the demonstration of what you are doing.

Going live is cool and it can be the best you can do anytime you’re shooting your videos.

Like I said earlier, be the best version of yourself and you will come up with good results almost all the time.

If it’s your first time going live. It’s going to be somehow awkward and you might be feeling shy.

I could remember my first time going live on a video. I felt shy and it is also like that with many people.

But just try to overpower shyness and do the best.


6. Video Editing:

After you are done shooting the video. It’s also important that you edit it for other usages.

You can decide to give a video editor if you have a budget. Or you can just use some video editing tools online that can help you edit the videos by yourself.

Editing like adding video subtitles and also cutting out some parts that are mistaken.

Although, if you’re shooting live and you have an audience who are watching you on the platform that you’re using.

The mistakes and subtitles are not Important because those people had already gone live with you and understood.

But if you’re uploading on other platforms like maybe from Facebook to YouTube.

You might want to add subtitles so that people from different parts of the world can understand what you’re saying.

Sometimes your mouth might be very fast and be difficult for someone from another country to understand.

So, adding subtitles can help you to hook them down and listen to everything that you have to say.

Also, some videos perform better when you have music playing in the background of your video.

You would have watched some videos before that the music playing in the background keeps you company from making the video look dull.

It’s a choice though, you can look at what works best for you. But I just hope you understand what I am trying to imply?

Also, what about effects? Some filters and video effects can also make user experience matter.

Using some tools online can help you achieve this yourself.


7. User Formatting:

It’s also very advisable that you go ahead and format it for other usages.

If you shoot a live video on Instagram and you have your followers who are live with you.

Such followers are different from other followers on other platforms.

Sometimes, you might go live on a platform and still need to format it to work well on another page on that platform.

If you’re someone who went live on your Instagram story to discuss a particular topic that you are obsessed about.

You will need to format it for YouTube experience to post on your YouTube channel.

Each platform has a video size that is allowed to be uploaded on their platform.

So, even if you go live and shoot a video on a platform. You have to delegate the work to an editor to format it for you.

Or you can just do it yourself.

Also, formatting involves reducing the size of a video.

You might shoot a video for a platform and when you decide to upload.

You will need to reduce the size of the video before it can work. These are all part of what you need to look out for.


8. Video Distribution:

Distributing your video to get more views is the function of digital marketing.

Gone are the days that you need to move from a TV station to another TV station before you distribute your video.

These days, you don’t have to bother about all that because we now have several advanced Virtual TV shows on many platforms.

Where you can display your video and get many views. But you have to take concern about the formatting feature that I talked about above.

I am sure you are on several platforms now. This is the benefit that you enjoy for being in the digital world.

You can decide to join Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several other platforms in just one day.

So, you can distribute your video on this platform and keep getting views.

Always make sure to distribute your videos. Don’t just shoot a video and relax thinking that magic will happen.

No, it wouldn’t. You have to take the bold step to keep distributing.

That’s the only way you will keep increasing your digital marketing engagements and get the urge to shoot more videos.

Also, if you’re going live on YouTube. You can try to work alongside the YouTube algorithm to get your videos to rank at the top of SEO.


8. Video Distribution:

Promoting can also be like distribution but in this case, it’s very different.

Truly, you can shoot a video today and decide to distribute it on many other platforms.

But what about if you don’t have an audience yet on these platforms.

You will get little or no engagements on your videos which can result in having no views at all.

I am not saying this to discourage you.

You can keep shooting your videos and be rest assured that your effort is going to count big one day.

But you can also take the smart step to do paid promotion to 10× the engagements on your videos.

You can involve in influencer Marketing and find top Influencers in your niche that will post your video on their platform.

Posting it on their platform will give you many views. And from there, you will grow more followers and build your fan base.

Paid promotion is very good for quick results. You can quickly build your audience by doing paid promotions.

Although if you don’t have much money. You can just stick with distributing your videos and be rest assured that if you are consistent.

You will see the good result and get views.

But for the fast method… Involve in paid advertisement and start getting tons of views for your videos.



So, we talked about the types of digital marketing video production and the process of producing videos for digital marketing.

It’s been an awesome guide I guess? You can start using videos to get in touch with your audience.

Because it truly builds trust easily and very fast unlike text content.

That doesn’t mean that texts are not working. After all, you are reading my writings.

But don’t sleep on one… Try to do both text and video production for your marketing success.

If you have any questions concerning what we just discussed so far.

Don’t hesitate to drop it below and if you have any further contribution.

Please drop it and I will be glad to review them.

Till next time… I will see you around.

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