Lead Generation In Australia: Top 5 Best Agencies For Aussies

Lead Generation Australia

If you’re Aussie thinking of doing lead generation in Australia. Then you’re in the right article.

You might be here for two reasons.

Either you’re looking for an Agency in Australia that can help you do your lead generation.

Or You want to learn how you can Generate Australian Leads for your company.

Any one of the two reasons… You’re going to get solutions to your answer right here in this article.

There are millions of Aussies on the internet and they are ready to buy from you.

All you need is the right approach to capture them by going to the blue ocean where they are swimming

and cast your net deeply into the ocean and bring out big fishes from this blue ocean.

Either you’re here because you want to generate leads of businesses in Australia or You want to generate leads of customers in Australia.

You should rest assured that you will get access to them by the time you’re done with this article.

Lead Generation is the blood that’s making a business survive either online or offline.

So, this guide is going to go into details about how you can do Lead Generation in Australia.

Methods Of Lead Generation In Australia or Anywhere.


1. Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Many agencies in Australia perform this service for brands out there.

Because social media is one of the best ways to generate leads online.

Followers on social media pages can also be categorized as leads.

Because they can purchase anything from a brand.

So… Leveraging social media can also be used to generate leads for your company.

Millions of Aussies spent time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

So, finding a way to get these people to fall in love with your brand should be your next strategy.

How Can You Use Social Media To Generate Aussie Leads?

Let me use Facebook as an example. You can join Australian Facebook groups in your niche and engage on the platform.

Also, many online business owners are looking for your service and are hanging out in search of someone to provide a solution to their problem.

You can also try out several other platforms to generate leads.

I will advise that you stick with one from the beginning before moving to other platforms.


2. Cold Calling:

If your brand is Business To Business that requires high ticket selling.

Then cold calling is the best bet for you.

There are tools online that can help you scrap phone numbers of high brands in Australia.

Even Google & LinkedIn is enough to help you get their phone numbers.

You can cold them and introduce your product or service to them.

But make sure you have done enough practice and know the answers to any questions they might want to ask.

Since you might be speaking with their customer care representative.

You will want to Shadow down and take it to a level that you’ll be redirected to the top management of the company.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to get the contact of the CEO or Top Officer of the organisation.

You’re at the best level.

Just make sure you do your due diligence and research on a problem you believe the brand needs a solution to.

Note: Try to get as many Brand contact as possible and do your cold calling.

Don’t rely on one brand… You can get 10 Brand Contacts and it might only be 1 that will offer you the service.

So, check for multiple Australian Brands in your niche that need your service or product and take your business to the highest level.


3. Cold Emailing:

Cold Emailing is Also synonymous with cold calling because they’re both cold prospects who don’t know about you.

Although, this process requires a lot of patience.

Because unlike cold calling that you can quickly know your fate concerning whether you will be invited for an appointment with top staff.

Cold Emailing is not like that – it might take days before you get feedback.

Also, you might not get any positive replies from many of the company emails you have generated.

So, you should scrap as many emails as possible and send them an example of what you have done previously.

For example, if you’re a website designer in Australia and you see an Australian brand and their website looks unprofessional.

You can email them and compare what you can do with what they currently have.

Let them know what they’re lacking that is costing them a lot of money in wastage.

Convince them of many things that if they’d applied. They would 5× their yearly revenue.

The same way you can get contacts online is also the same way you get emails from Brands.

There are tools out there that can help you get leads for top Australian Brands.

Google and LinkedIn are very good.


4. Printed Copy:

This applies to brick and mortar businesses.

You can get more buyer leads from printed copies like Fliers, Cards, Posters & Freebie Prints.

What I like most are the freebie prints.

If your business is offline and you’re looking to get more leads of customers to get in touch with.

You can offer them a freebie in exchange for their email address or phone Contact.

Maybe you’re operating a tea store. You can offer a free tea in exchange for a customer’s email.

You can promise them to send out health benefits tips to them that can make them live longer.

I don’t operate a tea store though but you should get the gist of what I’m implying.

The reason why you’re doing this is to get in touch with your leads and overpower your competitors.

When someone buys from your store. They’re less likely to come back.

But when you offer them a free thing in exchange for the contact.

You can get back to them and sell more things to them from your neighborhood in Australia.

Even your competitors will be wondering how you’re selling more.

You can start doing home delivery to these leads and making them pay and receive it from their home.

This is how to get more buyer leads.

So, starting from now… Any Aussie that comes to buy from your store.

Offer a Freebie to them in exchange for the contact (email address or phone contact) and keep sending them valuable tips.

And be pitching them with new products that just arrived or produced and offer home delivery.


5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Another way the big boys generate leads is through search engine Marketing.

If you have enough budget. Then you can run a search engine paid ads to the Aussies in your neighborhood.

Oh yes, you can do that.

If you’re a plumber in Australia whose office is located in a neighborhood.

Just target that neighborhood and run a search engine ad campaign.

What will happen is that… Whenever someone from your neighborhood searches for plumbing services.

Your advert will be the first to show and you will have more chances of getting local Customers because they need quick solutions.

Getting more leads and winning over your competitors doesn’t get easier than this.

Since we are done with the methods/processes involved in lead generation in Australia.

Let us look at the various lead generation agencies in Australia.

Lead Generation Australia
Lead Generation Agencies Contemplating On How To Generate Buyer Leads For Their Client. Photo from pixabay




The first lead generation company in Australia on the list is king Kong owned by one of the top Marketing scholars in the world “Sabri Suby“.

This brand is less than 4 years old but it’s one of the leading fastest growing Brands when it comes to generating buyer leads for both small and media businesses.

They have a professional team of Copywriters, Traffic Experts, Funnel Designers, and anything that will be needed for the success of generating buyer leads that will buy your products or services.

Their well-equipped team of marketers, developers, business strategists, and marketers will strive towards attaining success for your brand’s lead generation.

They have a results-driven approach that made them stand out from other agencies in Australia and it’s getting more difficult for other Agencies out there to compete with them.

If you’re thinking about dominating your industry either you are a large, small, or medium business.

Whatever they’re doing for your business is not just what they say they will do – but what they’re doing for their own business.

They run a professional campaign to get more clients for their agency and their customer base keeps growing every day.

So, you are assured to get a replicate of whatever they are doing to get success and become one of the fastest-growing lead generation agencies on the planet.

There main aspect and platforms they use to get leads for businesses is Facebook and Google.

So, if you’re thinking of leveraging another platform for your own business.

Maybe you should scroll down further or chat with their customer assistance for further inquiry.

Get In Touch With King Kong Agencies And Let Their Team Help You To Generate Quality Leads That Will Buy Your Products or Services.

Note that King Kong is not one of those companies that promise you heaven and Earth just to get you on board.

When working with them, try to be calm and know that success takes time and they not a “Get rich quick” client kinda company.

Whatever they will do for your brand takes time but it’s always worth the investment and trust with them.




They are also one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Australia and they help businesses to generate leads and maximize sales online.

GEN LEADS has been in existence since 2010 and they have years of experience when it comes to lead generation.

One of the things you are assured to get with GEN LEADS is that they will convey your message properly to the target audience by increasing your sales and bringing life back into your business.

They offer tele-based lead generation services for your business. Their team is filled with professionals in the field of marketing who will attach innovative ways to maximize sales in your business.

They go in-depth to flow directly with your Target market and not only that.

They also organise face-to-face appointments, webinar/event attendance, follow-up calls, and consultations for the lead with a member of your company’s sales team.

If you need some product demonstration campaigns, or assistance when it comes to onboarding may be due to the incapability of your staff.

They can help you to simplify that task and perform the work on your behalf.

Using an old form of communication is how they expand the client base and keep in touch with the customers of any brand they’re working with.

Their old form is by doing one on one interaction that will clear any doubt that your leads might have.

Gen Lead Are Expert in building a relationship on your behalf from the very first point of contact with a prospect.

And they nurture the relationship until the leads are ready to be contacted by your sales team.



This agency is a leading expert in the field of Internet marketing.

They are an agency in Australia that does marketing in a way that brings quality sales for a company.

They’re not ready to compete with any other agency when it comes to retaining their clients.

Their aim is that once you get in touch with them – they should deliver more than enough value to any brand in Australia and make you retain them for a long time.

Isn’t this amazing?

The sectors in which they are best experts are technology, financial services, business, and manufacturing where the buying circle is always for a long period.

They work with internet marketers who wants to increase sales, generate leads, increase customer engagement, create a good social media presence and any become a webmaster.

They help in getting leads at the lowest cost for those interested in Search Engine Marketing and nurturing the leads to become Recurring buyers.

Many online businesses face challenges in rapidly advancing technology and buyers and also getting more wiser and harder to reach because of too much competition out there.

That’s why MarketOne strives to make a successful buyer relationship and generate buyer leads either face-to-face or through the phone or the intention with an effective and relevant approach.

They have been in existence for 20 years – so they know the new and old techniques to generate buyer leads.

They also have the technical expertise and one-to-one interaction with leads because it’s what they have done for thousands of Brands out there.

If they have anything you might be interested in. You can contact them and make an appointment with one of their customer care.



Another Lead Generation Agency that I’m gonna talk about is pipeline marketing that is located in Sydney.

They have been in existence since 2009 with a mission to provide local telemarketing services for small, medium, and large businesses.

They provide cost-effective services that are engineered towards providing a reliable and remarkable job that looks as if it’s your employees that are working.

They don’t only generate leads for brands – they deliver a positive customer experience and retaining your reputation in the marketplace.

They are the ones who have the secret hack that can boost every enterprise sales and lead generation techniques.

They can generate and nurture thousands of leads for your enterprise and make them purchase your products.

They will help you to save the time you would have invested in trial and error of generating quality leads.

Just entrust everything to them and they will deliver quality service for you.



When it comes to search engine optimization services in Australia. NEWPATHWEB is your go-to Solution for ranking your website on the No #1 page of Google.

They have guaranteed SEO results that are driven towards generating quality and buyer leads for enterprises.

You can reach the top of Google search and watch your sales rolling in with their SEO services.

They generate quality organic traffic that converts into leads for your business and brings in daily customers for you.

This company is ranking in the top 3 companies concerning search engine optimization (SEO) in Australia and Melbourne.

They have SEO consultants that help you to strategize and monitor your content Marketing approach and strive towards your ranking high in search engines.

They are one of the only SEO Agencies in Australia that delivers before they collect any pay.

You only pay them after you’ve seen a result from your SEO Campaigns.

This is nice because you don’t have to worry about whether their service is perfect or not.

You can test out their service and get your website to rank on Google.

Note that it always takes a while. So, don’t expect a quick result.

So, always exercise patience when they’re working on your brand.

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Wrap-Up On Lead Generation In Australia.

Getting high-quality leads for a business is not a one-day job.

Either you are using the methods I revealed to you in this article or you use Agencies to reduce your stress from trials for your Lead Generation in Australia.

It takes time and patience and I will advise that you exercise a lot of patience in making it a success story.

If you have any other methods that you are using to generate leads which I haven’t made mention in this article.

Do good by talking about it in the comment box.

Also, if you have any agency you have used previously that has helped you to generate quality leads and increase sales in your business.

Do good by dropping their name in the comment below.

Just drop the name and don’t add links – so that your comments can be approved automatically.

I believe this guide is helpful? Do good by sharing it with your friends and families on your social media pages.


It’s not bye-bye but I will see you again.

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