14 Best Free Lead Generation Software to Get Customers

14 Best Free Lead Generation Software

If you’re reading this… It means you are looking for a Free Lead Generation Software that can solve your lead generation problems and download for free.

The truth is that you will get some people online that will introduce some software to you and tell you it’s free.

But the truth of the matter is that you will still need to pay for a premium service before you can get the best result on the majority of the software.

So, does this means that there is no free software out there?

No! There is. And I’m going to reveal some to you in this article.

But I’m also going to reveal ways which you can use to generate leads for free even from a cloud-based

platform that you know about and some which you are yet to hear about.

Also, I’m going to teach you how you can generate warm leads who will willingly give you their phone number or email address.

So, that you can sell to them easily without breaking any law.

And I’m also going to teach you how to generate cold leads that you will need to nurture well and turn them into a warm lead…

I will be interested in hearing from you and buying your prospects.

Also, you’re going to know the mistakes that most people make when it comes to generating cold leads,

which costs them a lot and makes them involved in several trials and errors.

Let us look at the Platform or Cloud-based Software Where you can generate warm leads for free.

Free Lead Generation Software or Platforms For Traffic (Warm Leads)

1. LinkedIn Network:

Many people have used LinkedIn to grow their channel and follower base.

There are tons of people on LinkedIn who are on the platform for business idea purposes.

If you can leverage this platform or software as a means of generating leads.

You can grow and build a reputation that can make you generate leads on autopilot.

To Generate lead from this platform – build a squeeze page with software like Elementor.

Or you can just build a squeeze page from an email Autoresponder like Convertkit or Aweber.

Because you will need the Autoresponder to grab their email address.

So, just use an Autoresponder directly to build your squeeze page where your LinkedIn leads will go to and join your email list.

But remember, make sure to provide value on this platform.

Give value out and build authority in your niche.

The reason why I truly enjoy LinkedIn is that it’s filled with business-minded people.

It’s not like Facebook or Instagram where most people are online to chat with families and friends or Twitter where they are online for Trends.

The majority of the people on LinkedIn are CEOs of a company and other business owners who are leveraging the platform for more business opportunities.


2. Telegram:

Another Platform or Software you can use is a telegram.

This platform is very open for anybody to penetrate and build a strong army of warm leads.

Although, you have to be careful of this platform because of too many fraudsters on this platform.

You will get many people who will chat with you concerning some “Get rich quick Schemes” and use fake IDs.

They will show you fake proofs and all that – so you have to be careful when trying to build an empire on this channel.

Telegram is very open and its rules are very transparent – you can share links the way you want on groups without restrictions.

If you want to leverage telegram easily. Just create your group and add people from several other groups in your niche.

You can add thousands of people into your groups easily.

The restrictions on this platform are limited and sharing of any link is free.

So, once people join your group. They’re already your warm leads.

Just add them and provide value to them as usual. Don’t start by pitching them to buy stuff.

Start by giving value. So that they can acknowledge you and look forward to more value from you.

From there, you can add them to join your email list.

This is another platform or Software which is free to generate thousands of unlimited leads from your country and niche.

Try out Telegram.com


3. Facebook Groups:

If I didn’t add this platform or software. It wouldn’t be complete.

Because even though Facebook is a social media-based platform.

It’s also good for generating leads.

You have to know that this platform is very strict and wouldn’t accept any kind of spamming links on their website.

The only aspect of this platform where you can post a link or do anyhow in a moderated way is on your Facebook account or anything you create yourself.

But unlike LinkedIn, you cannot just go to another person’s Facebook group and keep spamming with links.

The best way to use Facebook groups to generate free leads is taking advantage of particular days where the admin allows sharing of links.

Also, another way a friend of mine used to leverage Facebook group is by rendering a free service to the admin of a group filled with hundreds of thousands of members.

She made sure the group she chose are filled with members who are in her niche.

So, after she rendered a free service to the admin. She got free to post links on the group.

She was even added as a moderator in the group and can post without needing to wait for the approval.

This is how you can take advantage of groups on Facebook.

Also, if you can research enough, you can join public groups that their rules are still minimal.

You just have to know that their leads are not confirmed, unlike private groups.

Most public groups are not monitored. They’re only groups open by someone without monitoring.

And people are just joining out of interest. Unlike private groups that the monitoring is quite concrete filled with many moderators.

It’s left to you which one you want to use – either private or public groups.

Just strategize well and generate tons of warm lad from is platform or Software.


4. Reddit:

A platform like Reddit is also filled with like-minded people who will crave your ideas and products.

But you just have to do it the right way. I wouldn’t go much into how you can use Reddit here because I’m not a user of it.

But I can explain a little bit about how Reddit works maybe you can add it to your arsenal of tools.

Reddit is kind of a discussion-based platform where you can post content on anything and collect replies concerning what you post.

Imagine posting content in your niche and getting replies from members.

Always remember the first rule… Don’t go ahead and spam quickly. Do it slowly.

Start by interacting and responding to other Discussions on this platform.

Share your honest opinion and from there… You will start getting recognition.

Another aspect that I like most about Reddit is the subreddit section where you can get into communities that are directly related to yours.

You only have to join some subreddit and enter some discussions.

With time, it’s also advisable that you create your subreddit and get people into your tribe.

It’s like building more followers when you’re on your Twitter or Instagram.

When you have your subreddit – you control it and have started generating your leads.

You have to know that leads are people. And the best you can do is warm them up to turn hot buyers.

It doesn’t mean you will sell to them directly on Reddit. You can just drive them to your squeeze page and turn them into your followers.

It’s as simple as that. Let’s move to the following platform which is Quora.


5. Quora Platform:

This is a Question and Answer platform or software that’s designed for people to ask questions and also get answers.

Tons of people ask questions on this platform every day and people respond by giving answers.

Just join this platform and subscribe to topics you are very good at.

After joining, make sure you answer questions.

If other questions are bothering you and you’d like to ask.

You can ask them on this platform – but your main aim for joining is to generate leads.

So the way to generate leads from this platform is to answer questions.

You can answer questions and add a link to your website into the text.

But be careful where you link to – make sure to link to a blog page on your website and include a squeeze page link in it.

Don’t just link directly to a squeeze page – so that it doesn’t look like you’re there to fetch and run.

When you link to content that discusses more on what you answered –

the moderators will be kind enough to approve your answer even with a link.

I like Quora because of two things:

i. On-Page SEO:

Whenever you post on this platform, you have access to people searching on this platform to become your lead.

Because this platform is Question & Answer based.

Many people come to this website and ask questions for knowledge purposes.

Also, some don’t even ask questions but search for questions asked concerning a particular keyword.

So, if your question shows with your link. That’s Jackpot baby.


ii. Google SEO:

The amazing thing about Quora is that if you answer questions on Quora.

That thread is likely to rank on Google and you get traffic from people who are not even aware that quora exist.

Quora Questions and Answers rank on Google a lot. So, imagine how fantastic and favorable that’s for you.

You will just see a rapid increase in your Free lead generation over time.

That’s how fantastic these platforms are.

Let’s move to Free Softwares you can use to create pages and methods that you will use to generate free leads even if you’re to use the platforms and Softwares above.

free lead generation software
How to get free leads with software and other tools. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Page Builders (Cloud-Based Software) You Can Use To Generate Free Leads 


1. Google Sites:

To Generate leads with a free squeeze page builder. You can use Google Sites.

So, you will just go to sites.google.com and login with your Gmail account.

I’m sure you already have a Gmail account. But if you don’t have any… You can just go to gmail.com and once you are done.

Go back to Google Sites and login with your Gmail and create your landing page.

It’s a free page builder that’s drag and drops with a very understandable format.

It’s not complicated… Just go there and build your first page completely for FREE.


2. Sumo:

If you’re doing on-site lead generation. Maybe you want to grab leads of anyone who come to your site without just losing them.

You can use the sumo plugin on your website and grab the email address of anyone who comes into your website before leaving.

Don’t try to be pushy when using this free software. Although, they have an upgraded plan.

But the Free plan is enough to solve your lead generation problems.

I’m sure you have seen some pop-ups that show anytime you’re on a site.

And you’re required to input your email address to grab a freebie.

You can do that with sumo and get pop-ups rolling on your website.


3. Aweber:

Aweber is an Autoresponder tool that will help you collect the leads on your Google site squeeze.

I mean the page you built on the Google site above.

Although, there are several Autoresponder tools out there like Convertkit, MailChimp, Getresponse, and others.

But I prefer Aweber because it has been existing for many years.

Also, because I do affiliate marketing and I include affiliate links in my emails.

So, if you know you want to do affiliate marketing and recommend Affiliate products to your leads.

You should either use Aweber or Getresponse.

But if you’re not doing affiliate marketing but just to promote your business and courses.

You can use either Convertkit or Mailchimp. Or you can also use Aweber or Getresponse.

Note: All the Autoresponders I recommended have their Free plan.

Aweber has a free plan for up to 500 subscribers.

Convertkit has a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers.

MailChimp has a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers also.

Getresponse has a free plan of 30 days without any credit card.

So, you can use any one of them… Create your sign-up form and integrate the HTML code inside your Google site squeeze page and collect leads.

If you’re confused as to how you can create a sign-up form.

Just search for the sign-up form process of any Autoresponder on Google/YouTuber and you will get tons of resources that will teach you how to step by step.


4. Elementor:

Elementor is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to create eye-catching landing pages for your lead generation.

Even if you’re doing e-commerce. Elementor is suitable for designing all your profit-generating pages.

It has a drag and drop buttons that even a newbie can find easy to operate.

I’m a fan of Elementor because I use it a lot for my landing pages and some squeeze pages.

You can also create a sales page with this tool – it doesn’t matter whatever since it’s a page.

You don’t have to waste a lot of money on all crappy software on the internet that promises to do what they cannot achieve.

Although some are very good and useful for any internet marketer. But try to do your due diligence on them.

Although Elementor has its premium plan. But the free plan is cool for a start.


5. WordPress Page Builder:

If you’re internet-savvy. Who knows maybe WordPress page builder is all you need to create some pages on your website.

For example, if you create a squeeze page with Google Sites.

You can just create a “Thank You Page” with a WordPress page builder.

It’s all part of the lead generation process.

The thank-you page is where your leads go after they’ve joined your list for the next line of action.

What About If You Don’t Want Them To Opt-In But Just Want To Scrap Their Email Address And Email Them (Cold Leads)?

We’re gonna move to that now.

But very quickly, you have to be careful with this process because it can lead to your domain address getting blocked severally.

Also, you can get your IP address blacklisted.

But I will teach you the way you can do it and stay active by avoiding troubles.

There are several reasons as to why you can involve in cold emailing.

Maybe you want to send Business to Business Emails to get high ticket clients.

Or Send Business to Customer Emails to get low ticket sales.

Let’s dive deeply:

Free Lead Generation Tools For Cold Emails

1. Google:

The first Software we will use is what you already know of and it’s called Google.

There are millions of email addresses on Google that you can scrap for free and email them.

The first aspect we will use is scraping the email addresses of Instagram users.

You can scrap the email addresses of people in your niche and turn them into a warm lead.

How can you do that?

Simply go to Google.com and type.

site:instagram.com “location” “niche” “email”

Here is an example:

site:instagram.com “Virginia” “health” “@gmail.com”

Once you do this, Google will show you hundreds of thousands of people who are in the health niche.

Here’s what you have to know about this method.

Google is not showing you the details of any user who registered on Instagram.

They’re showing you the email addresses of people who add their email addresses in their Instagram bio.

So, most of the leads are people who are experts or intermediate in their field.

You just have to connect with them by introducing your business to them.

Just because they are already Knowledgeable in your field doesn’t mean you can’t pitch them.

You’re free to pitch and you are sure to make sales.

Another platform that our software called Google can help you scrap emails from is LinkedIn.

If you don’t want to use the warm leads process I mentioned above.

You can use this method to scrap LinkedIn user’s email addresses.

How can you do that? Type in:

site:linkedln.com “location” “niche” “email”

Example is:

site:linkedIn.com “Virginia” “Health” “@gmail.com”

Note: In case you’re wondering if this process is only available for @gmail users.

No! You can scrap Yahoo, Hotmail, or whatever email provider services you want to enter.

Just replace the @gmail with @yahoo or @hotmail or whatever.

Also, you can change the “health” to “marketing” or “relationship”.

Also, the “Virginia” can be changed to “Sydney” or “Paris”.

Just input your requirement in any of the aspects and you will get tons of real email leads to generate.

Let’s move to how you can extract the emails from the Google page.


2. Email Extractor:

After Google has shown you the recommendations of email addresses that you can scrap and promote your offers to.

You have to extract out the email addresses from Google and the best way is by using https://email-checker.net/email-extractor.

To use this cloud-based tool that will help you extract only email addresses from all the texts you copied.

First of all, copy all the texts on your Google page.

After that, Just go to https://email-checker.net/email-extractor and paste all the texts in the empty board and click on extract.

After clicking on extract… All the email addresses will be extracted and you can copy the text and paste it inside your Google Spreadsheet.


3. Google Spreadsheet:

In case you’re wondering what this software is all about.

You can use Google Spreadsheet to save all your extracted emails.

This is to keep a record of all your progress and be able to paste them into your email blaster when you’re about to use it.

Also, if you’re a freelancer who’s doing email extraction for business purposes.

This will be very easy to share with your clients and take your money.

As you can see, doing all these is Free without any work.


4. Snovio:

After generating your leads. It’s always best to verify if they’re legit.

Sometimes, someone can write the wrong email on his or her bio by mistake.

So, it’s always good to verify your email address and see if they’re real email addresses.

Even if one is using a warm lead method where your subscribers opt-in themselves.

You still have to verify them because some of them might mistakenly input the wrong email address.

So, always make sure to verify your emails.

And you can do this with snovio. Just go to snovio.io and you can use their services to verify all your leads.

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Wrapping Up of Free Lead Generation Software.

I believe this guide is impactful enough? 

If you’re looking for a free way to start your lead generation either as a freelancer or for personal purposes.

You can use this article as a reference and take your Free lead generation process to the next level.

Everything stated here are real facts that can help you without needing to invest thousands of dollars in crappy software on the internet.

Just use these methods and use them to grow your business either for Business to Business or Business to Customers.

If you enjoy this guide – please do not forget to share it with friends on your social media pages.

Also, if you have any contribution to this Free Lead Generation Software we discussed so far.

Hit the comment box below and ask your questions.

Do you have any other recommendations?

Drop them in the comment box and I will be glad to check them out.



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