Convertkit Affiliate – Make Money With Convertkit Affiliate Program

Convertkit Affiliate - Make Money With Convertkit Affiliate Program

It’s no news that Convertkit is one of the best email autoresponders out there. So, joining the Convertkit Affiliate rogram is the best choice.

I always tell people that there is nothing like Recurring Commission.

If you can promote a product and it’s worth paying for it. Your Affiliate buyer will be willing to renew their purchase.

Unlike promoting a crappy Product that does not fulfill what it promises. You’ve got no renewal.

That’s why Convertkit is far from that. This tool was founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry.

Although, many things are involved in the creation of this tool.

Also, many changes happened during the Launching of its Affiliate program.

But that’s not the reason why you’re here. I am here to tell you how you can join and make money from this Affiliate program.


What Is The Convertkit Affiliate Program All About?

Convertkit Affiliate Commission Rate And Benefits

Convertkit Affiliate is a program created to make Convertkit users and other web Masters earn more money on the internet.

Even if you’re not using Convertkit or didn’t register an account with them for usage.

You can still join this Affiliate program and get started easily.

The joining process of Convertkit is quite easy and doesn’t require any expertise and professionalism before the approval process like Udemy Affiliate.


How To Join The Convertkit Affiliate Program?

What Is The Convertkit Affiliate Program All About?

Even though the Convertkit Affiliate Program is not displayed openly on their website.

If you type the Convertkit Affiliate program on Google. You will see their Landing page for this program.

Although, it might be as detailed as possible concerning other questions you might want to ask.

But joining the Affiliate program is very simple and straightforward.

There’s no hard scrutinizing. Even the approval process is just within few minutes of setting up the account.

Just like I said earlier. Even if you’re not using the Convertkit Autoresponder for business or personal use.

You can still apply as an affiliate and promote this tool to your audience.

The Affiliate Marketing Network that Convertkit is using for their Affiliate registration is called LinkMink.

As of this time of writing this article… When you click on the Affiliate registration on the website.

You will be redirected to LinkMink where you will complete all the necessary registration.


Convertkit Affiliate Commission Rate And Benefits

The Convertkit Affiliate Commission is very okay and profitable. It’s a 30 percent Commission on each sale made through your affiliate link.

This is available for all their plans and Convertkit doesn’t have a referral period yet.

I doubt if anything will happen to your account even if you haven’t gotten any referrals or sales yet.

Also, the Convertkit Cookie period is just unlike every other Affiliate program.

Most Affiliate programs out there have a maximum of 30 days Cookie period but Convertkit is just exceptional.

They’re offering a 60 days Cookie period – which means that if someone clicks on your Affiliate link today…

…but didn’t register for any plan on Convertkit. You can still earn your commission if they decide to join next month.

The Cookie is just sticky to their browser and follows them anywhere.

This will also make Convertkit ads keep displaying to them – everywhere they go.

Aside from the Convertkit Plan which your referrals can purchase.

You also stand to gain Commission from their course which is top-notch and extraordinary.

The only thing different is that the Convertkit Email Autoresponder is a Recurring income for Affiliate.

While the Convertkit Creator Pass courses are just a one-time fee. So, once your Affiliate referral purchases the courses.

That is all, you are no more earning from it. But if they keep renewing the Autoresponder – you will continue to earn.

Also, the Convertkit payment process is through PayPal. So, if you’re from a country that PayPal doesn’t support or work in.

It might be difficult for you to withdraw your money from your Convertkit Affiliate dashboard.

Except if you have any other ways to withdraw which I will leave for you to research.

But if PayPal is available in your country. You’re good to start promoting Convertkit Affiliates and start earning money.

The amazing thing about the Convertkit Affiliate Program is that they don’t have any threshold.

Unlike other Affiliate Programs that require you to have maybe $10, $20, or $50 before you can withdraw your funds.

Convertkit is far from that- Even if it’s one sale you and you want to withdraw your fund.

You’re free to withdraw as there is no limitation. You can withdraw your money at any time you like.

It’s just that their withdrawal day is on the 2nd of every month. So, if you make any sale on the 3rd of a particular month.

You will have to wait for 30 days before you can withdraw the fund because you will only be able to withdraw on the 2nd of every month.



Unlike other Affiliate Programs that leave you alone to do all the work yourself.

Convertkit is ready to help beginner Affiliates who don’t even know much about Affiliate Marketing.

So, if you’re still wondering about how you can get your First Affiliate sale or how you can keep topping the Affiliate leaderboard.

Convertkit has prepared some Free promotional tools and training that will help you get sales very fast within a short period.

Although, this is not guaranteed for anybody as it’s only limited to personal attribution and devotion.

But many Affiliates who have no experience with Affiliate Marketing have used these tools and training from Convertkit to become a top affiliate marketer.

So, aside from giving you access to your Affiliate dashboard and your deep linking feature.

You have access to;

1. A video tutorial from Pat Flynn:

Pat Flynn is a YouTube influencer with over 200,000+ Subscribers as of the time of writing this guide and also holding the Top Affiliate Leaderboard in the Convertkit Affiliate Program.

That’s why the Convertkit team has done all the stress of hiring him to teach their Affiliates how to promote their software.

So, this is gold for anybody new to Affiliate Marketing and still thinking of how to make money.


2. Convertkit Affiliate Group:

A separate Facebook group has been created for the Affiliates to interact and discuss how things are going.

Also, questions and answers are always flowing on this group which makes it easy for you to find a solution to your problem.

On this group, you will find hundreds of Affiliates out there who are promoting Convertkit and are bigger than you.

They have started earning from the Convertkit Affiliate program already.

These Affiliates will always be ready to provide you a detailed answer because it’s a tribe where Affiliates can talk about promoting Convertkit.

And you will also see some who are lower or the same level as you’re and will be asking questions related to the problem you’re experiencing.

It’s a fun Facebook group where you feel safe and calm about promoting the Convertkit Affiliate program.


3. Convertkit Affiliate Done-For-You Graphics, Banners, and Video Resources:

Aside from the tutorials and other necessary resources for you to get the state with the Affiliate program.

Convertkit also gives you access to some ready-made tools like graphics and banners that will harness your productivity.

These banners are something you can place at one corner of your website and get people to click on them.

Also, the Graphics are images and screenshots that will get people’s trust and get Interested to buy through your affiliate link.

This saves you the stress of going to look for graphic designers to create a banner and graphics for you.

I think aside Convertkit Affiliate has been a very good offer to promote because Recurring Commission is sure for you.

They also have the top most interest of their Affiliates in mind with all these graphic tools.

All you need is just to access them on your Affiliate dashboard and begin distributing them on your platform and website.

Also, you have access to some video graphics that will grab desires easily.

It’s said that videos perform best more than ordinary graphics.

When people watch videos – there seems to be a form of quick trust and aroused desire in their mind.

Compared to when they just read what is on the graphics and scroll through to other online distractions.

These designs and resources are already used by thousands of Affiliates who are promoting Convertkit Software and courses.

So, using it for your tool is not a bad idea as it will save you the stress of creating one for yourself.


4. Webinar Resource:

Although having the banners and software can be a good way to grab people’s attention.

But it cannot be compared to a ready-made Done-For-You webinar.

This webinar is already set up by the Convertkit team that your referrals can watch before making the final purchase decision.

It is no news that webinars are performing well in the online business and top Marketers are using them to win thousands of Affiliate sales.

The problem is that not everyone is camera active. Most people are camera shy.

But having been a Convertkit Affiliate – you already have access to the landing page link of this webinar.

You can deep link and link directly to the webinar landing page on Convertkit.

Also, this landing page is designed by top website designers and the web copy is by expert Copywriters.

So, it’s assured to convert your referrals into signing up for the webinar through your Affiliate link.

And if they make a purchase later – maybe after few weeks or even after 1 month depending on when they set to watch the webinar.

You will still make your sales because the Convertkit Affiliate has a 60 days Cookie length before your Affiliate link ID can erase from their browser.

So, you have enough to enjoy with little effort.


How To Make Money With The Convertkit Affiliate Program

There are many ways to make money with the Convertkit Affiliate Program and you’re sure to make more money from any referral sales you make.

Reason being that Convertkit is a very good Email Marketing Software that many of their users never regret using their service.

So, be rest assured to have recurring income from the most percentage of your referral sales.

Below are the ways I believe will work for you to get Affiliate sales.

  1. Email Footer
  2. Creating A Free Course
    i. That teaches how to use Convertkit.
    Ii. That teaches how to use for Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Comparison
  4. Convertkit Group


1. Email Footer:

One of the ways to get Affiliate sales is to make use of your email broadcasts and campaigns without any hard selling.

If you are someone who has email subscribers and you’re emailing them persistently.

You can add your Convertkit Affiliate link below your email footers.

You don’t have to do any hard selling, just keep providing value with your email and the sales will roll in.

But below your email, always write that if they want their email marketing to be successful – they should use Convertkit and click the link to start their Free Trial.

It’s a very effective marketing strategy that most online marketers out there use to get sales without any hard selling.

This is just you providing value and below all your value-packed emails is your affiliate link for them to click and land on the Convertkit landing page.

Although, you have to know that this strategy is best effective for someone who uses Convertkit as his or her email Autoresponder.

If you’re not using Convertkit and you’re recommending it at your email footer.

It won’t work well because you’re only introducing the product that you don’t use.

It’s better for you to just register for the Affiliate program of your email autoresponder software.

Or you can change to Convertkit and start using it.

Note: Make sure to cloak your affiliate link or just link to a landing page that contains your Affiliate link.

Because Convertkit doesn’t support the use of Affiliate links in their email campaigns.


2. Creating A Free Course:

Another way you can get more Affiliate sales without any hard seeing and spamming links online as other marketers do is using the 2 ways below.

And that is by Creating A Free course:

i. That teaches how to use Convertkit:

You can start by creating a free course that teaches other people how to do email marketing the profitable way.

You can teach people how to build their email lists and also build a profitable email marketing business.

Although, you might feel that this will be difficult for you if you’re just starting.

Well, I have an easy way for you without needing to having any email marketing Experience.

There are tons of video email marketing video tutorials on Free PLR websites.

You can go to a website like indigitalsoft and get free plr courses that you can make yours.

You can also decide to pay for their premium plan and get access to more courses on the website that you can make yours.

So, all you have to do is edit the course and find a way to input your affiliate link in it.

If it’s an ebook course. You can put your Convertkit Affiliate link in the footer and end of the book.

Make sure to change and edit the email marketing Autoresponder that the writer uses to Convertkit (Or else your strategy might not work – so, change it to Convertkit).

If it’s a video tutorial, you can type your Affiliate link on the screen.

Or you can put it in the resource area for them to click.

Now, this is a free tutorial that you’re using and it’s very effective.


ii. That teaches how to use for Affiliate Marketing:

Normally, Convertkit doesn’t support using Affiliate link in their email campaigns and I am sure you read it above when I mentioned it.

So, this is what many people know and they are aware that it’s not possible to promote Affiliate product with Convertkit.

So, you can create a course that’s titled — “How to Use Convertkit To Promote & Sell Affiliate Products“.

You can see how dynamic this strategy is?

Because many people out there who want to use Convertkit but couldn’t because of this problem download to read or watch it.

So, you can easily introduce your Affiliate link for them to join and purchase a Convertkit plan.

If you’re wondering how to use Convertkit for Affiliate Marketing.

You can do it through “Link Cloaking Or Creating of Bridge pages”.

There are many Affiliate Link cloakers out there.

And Bridge page is just like a landing page that’s filled with your Affiliate link.


3. Comparison:

Another way you can sell your Affiliate referral is by doing a comparison table of Convertkit with other email Autoresponder.

You can combine other Autoresponders like MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Active Campaign, and others.

Then you will do a comparison table of them and distinguish what makes them different.

But you must do something spectacular. You must make sure that Convertkit comes out strong as the highly best Autoresponder.

Now, the reason why I won’t call this strategy a manipulative strategy is because Convertkit is a nice Software.

So, the majority of them will later love what you recommended because it’s truly worth it.

Please don’t lie. Try and make it the truth. There is much difference that makes Convertkit more effective than other Autoresponders.

You can go online do your due diligence but part of it is “Deliverability”.

Convertkit has a good email Deliverability and it’s part of what makes many email marketers and big brands use their software service.

There are also tons of other reasons and benefits why Convertkit is better than other software.

This strategy is very good when you have a website where you can lead people to read about it.

It’s more like a review article with a table of distinguishing – that compares Convertkit with others.

Also, you can decide to create an infographic for it. You can use an app like Canva to create a comparison table.

You will get tons of infographic templates on canva which you can easily edit without hiring any graphic designer.

So, once you’re done – you can share this infographic on your social media pages to show people why Convertkit is better than the rest.


4. Convertkit Group:

Oh yes. Convertkit has a group where they have users who are using Convertkit.

And you can use this platform to drive people into your Affiliate link.

Now, don’t be worried that they are already using Convertkit.

The truth is that many people are on a group belonging to a brand and haven’t purchased or registered for any service of that brand.

They’re just there looking to learn more before they decide to purchase a plan.

So, this is your opportunity to grab these people.

Convertkit has a Facebook group where those who are using Convertkit for email marketing purposes are interacting.

They are also in some Reddit tribes where you can interact.

Beware: You are not going to land on these group/s and start spamming them with Affiliate links.

You will get removed or even banned from Facebook (for example, because they don’t support Affiliate links).

Go there to interact and also provide value in your little way.

You can then share a link to your blog article that explains how to use Convertkit for email marketing.

The reason why this blog article will be approved is that it’s linking to a helpful article and not a sales page.

So, that’s how you get people into clicking your Affiliate link.

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The Convertkit Affiliate program is a very good program to promote because their service is top-notch.

Thousands of marketers out there are giving a good review about Convertkit.

So, be rest assured you’re promoting a very effective service that is guaranteed to give you Recurring Commission when your referrals keep renewing their plans.

Feel Free To Ask Any Questions Concerning Convertkit Affiliate Program Below.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. It’s a way of saying Thank You.

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