18 Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing | Eye-opening Guide

There are several benefits of affiliate marketing.

That’s why many new publishers have been searching online for a genuine reason why they should start using affiliate marketing to grow their businesses.

It becomes confusing to them why so many businesses out there have gone from zero to hero even without having any Launched product.

If you’re also confused and wondering how to start Affiliate Marketing and the Benefits that affiliate marketing can give to your business.

Grab a cup of coffee and join me on this Ted talk.

First of all,

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

There are several definitions you will find online about what affiliate marketing is.

But, I define affiliate marketing as a process whereby a publisher signs up for an affiliate program or several affiliate programs for the main purpose of earning a commission.

There are several affiliate marketing tools out there that claim to automate things for you and earn you a commission overnight.

I will advise that you’re very careful and abstain from such tools.

Affiliate Marketing involves dedication.

That’s why many new affiliate publishers fail, quit the business and they claim Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work Up Till Now? Oh yes, it does!

But you have to know the benefits and use these as a reason to skyrocket your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

benefits of affiliate marketing
The Lady Is Enjoying The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing. Photo from pixabay

Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Marketer.

1. Works Without Product Launch:

Anytime someone ask me the first reason why I like affiliate marketing.

The first thing I tell them is the ability to sell product/s and make money from them without being the owner of the product.

If you have ever launched a product before, you will understand the stress that product launchers pass through just to create a product.

This stress is what affiliate marketing has Eliminated for you and me.

You and I don’t have to work day and night on creating an irresistible offer.

The major benefit of affiliate programs is to allow any publisher to sign up and promote their products without any query.

If this is what you like, selling a product/s that is not yours and earning money from them.

Then, that means that you and I love easy things and it looks like when we just win that jackpot.

Yipes!!!! Now, sit tight and let us move to the next reason why you should be an affiliate marketer (In case, if you’re not).


2. Multiple Choices Of High Converting Products:

When you join an affiliate networking program or an affiliate program and become a publisher.

You will have access to several affiliate Products from hundreds to thousands of other product launchers.

You will see Products ranging from online courses to software to templates and many others.

So, It depends on the affiliate product you wish to promote.

You should also care about whether the product is relevant to your Target audience or not.

But the main advantage that affiliate marketing is giving you is the ability to choose from thousands of products and decide which one you want to earn money from.

This is not just an advantage you can get if you’re the one producing a product.

You cannot just decide to promote 10 Products in one week because it takes several weeks – months to create a product.

But you have this decision to make because there are thousands of great products out there that are awaiting your approval request.

And all you have to do is grab your affiliate link and promote it to your audience for commissions.


3. Working At Your Own Time:

One of the questions I get asked most of the time about affiliate is that

“Can one make a living off affiliate marketing by working at one’s own time?”.

Well, it’s possible.

Because you don’t need to worry about any troubles related to launching a product.

You don’t have to worry about customers’ complain about difficulty with a product.

Although sometimes, if the customer has access to you – they can come to you for assistance concerning an affiliate product recommendation you made for them.

And it’s in your best interest to support them and make sure you help them get a solution.

But this cannot be compared with launching a product because you will have many customer complaints you have to solve.

That doesn’t also mean that the product launcher doesn’t have the benefit of working at their own time.

But it cannot be compared to an affiliate because there is less trouble.

There are also troubles like sales page creation and writing converting copies.

Also making sure of user experience. These are what you bypass and just earn your commission from only recommending products.


4. Little Or No Cost To Get Started:

Joining an affiliate program is free and getting affiliate approval for your affiliate links.

So, getting started with Affiliate Marketing is free.

Although, you might need some other requirements like your own website where you can display your affiliate links without any ban.

Even though affiliate marketing is free to start.

So many online platforms out there where you can display your affiliate links will not support you.

They do not allow affiliate links on their platforms.

So, it’s better to distribute your website links on these platforms.

Anyway, you can use other free landing page builders like Google Sites in case you don’t have a budget for creating your website.

You can start with renting another person’s platform and display your affiliate links.

You can also use groups and forums to drive traffic into your affiliate links in case you don’t have any budget for running paid ads.

But always remember to include paid ads in your arsenal thereafter and also get your website to start your branding.


5. Quick Access To Hot Markets:

Another benefit of affiliate marketing is penetrating hot markets easily.

Let’s say you see a product that you’re aware your hot audience will love and cannot but appreciate.

You can quickly request an affiliate approval from the affiliate program and get your access to make money off the product.

It’s easy for you to quickly run a paid ads to this offer and make your sale.

You’re not stressing yourself over creating the product. It’s already made for you to make money from.

And your audience to enjoy for their benefits.

This is another reason why being an affiliate marketer is fantastic.


6. Less Risk With Less Investment:

Have you been wondering why affiliate marketing is the best?

It’s because it has a low risk and less investment. Let me explain it to you in a short minute.

If you’re to launch a product yourself as someone new.

You’re entering the product launch market with a high risk because you don’t have any previous records yet.

And it’s said that,

The beginning is always hard.

So, the first step you will take into launching your first Product will be risky because your expectations might be cut short.

The amount of money you’ve believed you will make might not even come close.

You might experience a lot of disappointments.

Also, there is a high investment into tools and expertise you will employ to help you set up the successful launch of your product/s.

You will need a huge budget to make the launch successful and also Bourne the risk of whether or not it will be successful as a newbie.

But with affiliate marketing, you’ve eliminated all these.

Because if you recommend a product to your hot audience and they didn’t buy (Let’s say it failed).

You can easily go back to your affiliate program either ClickBank or Jvzoo or warriorrplus…

…and select another product and promote.

It’s less risky since you have many choices to choose from and make sales.

And less investment because you only have to make recommendations.


7. It Enrich A Marketers’ Audience:

The more you keep recommending many products and keep getting sales as a publisher.

The more you keep building authority and becoming a top marketer in your industry.

You will notice a rapid increase in your audience. Your social media presence will change.

Other top marketers in the online marketing business will start recognizing you as a go-to person.

These are the benefits of affiliate marketing you enjoy.

Also, the money realized from affiliate marketing can be used to further increase your reach and broadens your message to new prospects.


8. You Will Grow More Knowledgeable In Your Niche:

As a newbie who’s just starting out. Knowing what works and what doesn’t works is a problem.

That’s why you must be ready to make several mistakes because they’re inevitable when starting any business even aside from online business.

But had it been such a business like affiliate doesn’t exist.

It would have been very difficult to know what your Target market wants.

The reason is that if you promote an affiliate product and you see how well your Target audience reacted to it.

Let us say, positively. If they show great interest and buys the product.

That tells you that such a product is going to work and convert well if you can also do an upgraded version of it.

Let’s say you promote software that can help people do ABC.

After promoting, you realize how people truly respond to the product and bought it through your link.

This will give you an insight that there’s more to this product.

So, you can also buy the product and look at what’s lacking and create the upgraded version from what’s lacking.

You will just tell your audience about this new product you just created yourself and inform them the XYZ that was not in the product ABC they bought several months ago.

How did this happen? It’s from the knowledge you gained from promoting that product.

Because you know they love it and see it as a solution to their problem.

So, creating another advanced version of it will save you much stress of thinking if people will purchase your product or not.


9. No restrictions:

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t have any restrictions or any boundary.

Even a 10-year-old can create an account with an affiliate program and set up some affiliate marketing tools and commence his/her journey.

This business is open to mothers, teenagers, aged people, busy employees, and anybody who wishes to earn a sustainable amount of money online.

I’ve never registered for any affiliate program before and see them asking if I’m 18+ or 50 and below.

No! It’s a business for everybody.

So, if you’re reading this article and you’re having this mindset whether this business is for you.

Oh yes! It’s for you.

Even if you’re having a 9-5 job and you’re very busy.

You can just register for any affiliate program when you’re less busy.

Within 1 minute, you’re done. These are the benefits of affiliate marketing to you and me.

And once you grab your affiliate link… You can use sites.google.com to create a landing page for FREE.

Create Google, YouTube, or Facebook Ads and run Targeted traffic into your landing page and direct them to click through your affiliate link and they land on the product sales page.

See how it works? Everything is automated and working on your behalf.

So, this business is for everyone. Take the step and make a living off affiliate marketing.


10. No Stocking Or Shipping Of Product:

If you’re selling physical products on your website. Let’s say you’re an affiliate to Amazon.

You know most of the products on Amazon are physical products that have to be shipped to people.

Now, you’re an affiliate and you join the Amazon affiliate program by using several means to recommend amazon Products.

It can be through your YouTube videos or email or on your website.

Once people purchase through your affiliate link. You’re not going to be the one to deliver.

It’s left to Amazon and their suppliers to do the delivery.

That’s another Benefits of affiliate marketing that you enjoy because of the stress of the packaging and delivering goods is not easy.

But because you’re an affiliate. You’ve eliminated all these.

Once you recommend and people pass through your affiliate links and make a purchase.

You earn without moving an inch out of your abode.

Isn’t that fantastic? It’s right? Cool.

Now, I know you might be yawning – but hang tight with me because we still have more juice to drink.

Alright? Okay… Let’s move on.

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11. Affiliate Marketing Is Easy:

Now wait, I know that sounds weird to someone who believes nothing is easy. That’s right.

And I know that sounds fun to someone who doesn’t like to invest time and energy in something.
That’s cool.

But what I mean by easy is the ability to control figures even without any expertise on what’s making you the figure.

Can you imagine that?

To become great in anything and earn money from that thing. You have to be great in it and would have grown enough expertise.

But affiliate marketing made everything different.

Normally, the world is created in a way that you have to go to school and spend many years to get a job.

Before you can get a job, you have to become an expert in the field you’re going to be employed for. Right?

Normally, the world is also created in a way that you have to learn a skill and make money off the skill.

But you just have to become an expert and spend years learning the skill before you can become successful.

But this business changed everything for naive beings and turn them into success.

Because now, you only have to recommend someone’s expertise and earn from that expertise.

Isn’t that easy? Something you don’t know about and you are earning from it.

Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this.


12. It Works Remotely:

For someone who is an internet fre*k. You don’t have to read this part, you can just jump to the next benefit.

But my mind keeps telling me someone is not an internet expert and he/she is asking.

What candid reason should I have to start affiliate marketing because I don’t even know if I have to own a store or travel somewhere before I can do it?

Wow! Pretty long inner thought! Hahaha…

Well, is there more coffee? If it’s finished, please pour more and let us ride.

Look, You don’t need any physical store to become an affiliate Marketer.

All you need is your laptop/computer and an internet connection.

You can operate affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world and be complacent enough that you will make a living off it.

Either you are on a flight, on an island, under the water, anywhere you are…

…in as much as there’s an internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing will work for you because all you need to do is hit *Publish*.


13. Serve As An Extra Income Source:

Even though many people make affiliate marketing their real business and their primary source of income.

Several other people use affiliate marketing as an extra source of income.

Something can run to whenever they’re less busy and earn a decent amount from.

It’s also cool if being an affiliate marketer should be an extra income stream for you.

Anyhow, the goal is to make a living online. So, it’s also a good idea to make this business an extra source of income.


14. It works on any social platform:

Most of the sales made in this business are from social platforms.

Different publishers specialize in different techniques for growing a successful affiliate marketing business.

You cannot just decide that you want to leverage all platforms on the Go – just to grow a perfect empire.

You think it’s possible right? Wrong!


If you’re going to use Facebook as a source of getting people to buy your affiliate recommendations…

Then stick with Facebook for a start.

If it’s Email or Google or YouTube. Stick with one and get to the highest level.

This business works on any social platform. Since there are people on these platforms and not just bots.

Any platform works and you only have to cast your net deep and bring out the big fishes.


15. Another Benefit of Affiliate Marketing Is That It Is set and forget:

This system is a Recurring income stream. This means you don’t have to stay up all night monitoring what will happen next.

You don’t have to set up an activity now and be thinking of setting up another activity for the same product.


It’s a set-and-forget system that doesn’t require you to think of any next line of action.

If you select a product to promote. Let’s say you have a YouTube channel for example.

You create YouTube content that is valuable on the keyword related to the product.

After giving out value, you direct them to click on the link in the video description (which is your link id).

Once they click and purchase what you recommend. You make money from that.

Now, it’s set up and forget because you only have to record that video once and include your link in the description.

Coming up to the content might only be if you wish to update it at your own’s will.

But imagine something like that? Something you don’t have to come back to all the time.

Something you just set up once and you’re earning recurring income every day/week/month/year from it.

That’s the benefit of being an affiliate marketer.


16. It summons money on-demand:

If you’re to need an urgent $2000. You have to sell something or borrow money.

But borrowing shouldn’t be your case. You have to sell something to make up for that urgent requirement.

But if you’re to sell something, it has to be a digital or physical product.

Let’s take a digital product here because physical will take time.

If you’re to create a digital course to make up for your urgent need.

It will take you time. Your brain might not even power to create an irresistible offer that people are in great need of.

But with this system. You don’t have to worry about what to sell and how to sell it.

Because you already have Products out there that you have the right to sell and summon money on demand.

If you have an existing email list, all you have to do is send out a campaign filled with your affiliate link and get them to buy.

Getting $500 will be easier for you because you don’t have to worry about creating a product from scratch.

Does it get easier than this baby? Ooooooo… It doesn’t!!!!


17. Ability to work at owns will:

Owing to the vast majority of hard struggling before one can earn a living.

Working countless hours with a brick-and-mortar business just to earn a few bucks.

The case is reversed in this line of business.

You’re working at your convenience and nobody will castigate you for not promoting when you should.

Although, when you become a top referral and recommender (did I just say that) well…


Other top marketers will be seeking your support towards promoting their product launch.

But it’s in your interest to say you’re ready or not.

Nobody can force you to do what you don’t want to do or hurt your reputation.

Everything you shall be doing is from doing what’s right in the Best Interest of your audience.


18. Take more than you give:

There’s this quote that states:

“The More You Give, The More You Receive”.

It’s the same with affiliate marketing, you have to give out to receive.

That’s the mistake many newbies make that cost them a lot.

Most especially those who are doing it the free way.

You can just expect to go and be spamming your link on several forums.

You have to give before you take.

It’s just that this business favors you entirely when you give.

Because you will surely reap abundantly.


Benefits of affiliate marketing

  1. Works Without Product Launch
  2. Multiple Choices Of High Converting Products
  3. Working At Your Own Time 
  4. Little Or No Cost To Get Started
  5. Quick Access To Hot Markets 
  6. Less Risk With Less Investment 
  7. It Enrich A Marketers’ Audience 
  8. You Will Grow More Knowledgeable In Your Niche 
  9. No restrictions 
  10. No Stocking Or Shipping Of Product 
  11. Affiliate Marketing Is Easy 
  12. It Works Remotely 
  13. Serve As An Extra Income Source 
  14. It works on any social platform 
  15. It’s set and forget 
  16. It summons money on demand 
  17. Ability to work at owns will 
  18. Take more than you give 

Wrapping Up On Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

With this, we have concluded this Guide.

Affiliate Marketing is a business that is making a living for many people and it still works till now.

There are several affiliate marketing tools (Like Google site for landing page builder and Quora for driving traffic into your landing page) which you can use to skyrocket your business.

Also, there are several affiliate programs like Clickbanks, Commission Juncture, Warriorrplus, Amazon Associates, JVzoo, and other programs that you can join for Free.

So, if you have considered a candid reason your business should use affiliate marketing to grow.

Then you’re missing out on the benefit other affiliate marketers are enjoying from the affiliate marketing business.

I hope this guide is helpful?

Do you have any questions concerning affiliate marketing that you want me to provide an answer to?

Use the comment box below and hit me up hard. I will be more than eager to give you my best reply.

Also, if you have any further contributions… Hit the comment box because someone can learn from you.

If you love this guide, please don’t forget to click the share button below and share it with your friends.

Remember to give before you take. It’s important.

And finally, It doesn’t get easier than this.

Take Care and Stay Safe.



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