15 Hobbies That Make Money – BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


Whatever we find joy doing all the time and is earning us a reasonable amount of money is said to be hobbies that make money for us.

Many people today are making money from things they have been doing since their tender age.

Some people develop the talent inside them and turned it into a hobby and they are making a living from it today.

During this internet century – it now becomes very easy to monetize your hobby no matter how irresponsible it looks to others.

Just look at the youngest YouTuber who reviews toys for a living and he is making millions of dollars yearly from his YouTube channel.

Normally, just talking about toys without the internet would have been a very difficult way to earn money for him.

But because the internet is involved – he is already a millionaire from that hobby.

This doesn’t mean there are not some hobbies that can be monetized without the internet…

…but I am only letting you know that the internet has made things easy for us all to make money from whatever we like.

This guide will be focused on the best hobbies that make money and we will also talk about how you can monetize your hobby even it’s not among the ones listed here.

Let us talk about the respective hobbies that you can learn and have passion for and the ones you might have talent in and you can turn into passion.


Make Money From These Hobbies




  1. Blogging.
  2. Graphic Design.
  3. Website Design.
  4. Baking.
  5. Photography.
  6. Comedy.
  7. Fitness.
  8. Social media Management.
  9. 3D Printing.
  10. Cooking.
  11. Buying and Selling.
  12. Video Editing.
  13. Public Speaking.
  14. Singing.
  15. Sports Betting.

1. Blogging:

If I didn’t make this the first hobby that anyone can have – then I am not grateful for the gift that the Lord has given to me.

If you’re someone who has a passion for writing and you can type a thousand words within few hours.

Then, you should start blogging and start providing value for people who will be interested in what you have to say.

With time, you can start to monetize your blog through Google AdSense or register your website on other ad platforms for them to display their ads on your website.

You can also start writing for other blogs and websites if you don’t have the money to Launch your website yet.

It’s all part of starting your writing skills and turning them into a hobby.


2. Graphic Design:

Graphic design can also be a hobby if you are very good at painting and designing skills.

If you are someone who can draw a lot and you are very good at artistry – then you can pursue this goal.

You can start designing graphics and paintings for many Brands and they will pay you money for it.

Although, some people don’t even have many talents of how to draw. Someone like me doesn’t know how to draw.

But because of my business – I had to learn how to design graphics so that I can create nice and catchy designs for my products and services.

So, this is something that you can learn for free on YouTube and turn it into a hobby and start charging people money to design for them.


3. Website Design:

Another skill just like graphic design that can be turned into a hobby is website design.

There are over 1 billion websites in the world and the majority of them are craps and don’t have good design.

Some websites even have a cool design but they lack some features.

If you’re very good at website design and you can see it as a hobby in you because it’s something you do every day…

…you can start designing websites for people. Some people have the money to found a website but they do not have the idea.

While some have a website but they didn’t have any feature on it to make money for them.

If this is something that you can do and design a catchy website – then why are you hanging?

Start messaging businesses now and begin to make money from your website design skills.


4. Baking:

Even though this might not be an online skill just like the ones I have been stating since.

It’s also a nice hobby that you can monetize. You can just start a kitchen business where you bake for people.

You can start baking cakes, snacks, and things that people can enjoy as snacks.

You just don’t have to sit down in a location when doing this. Just start looking for companies that you can consult.

Start taking your produced products to these places and sell your products.

Also, use the internet to get access to those doing celebrations and let them see your hobby. You will easily make money from your hobby.


5. Photography:

Photography is another hobby that has been making money for several people out there.

Even though our mobile phones have sharp cameras that can snap us and bring out the best from us.

It still doesn’t affect the money that photographers make from people.

Also, millions of people do birthday every blessed day. So, you can be their plug when it comes to that.

People always celebrate something every day – you only have to make your photography brand be what they are lamenting about.

Even most celebrities have a photographer that snaps them.

It’s a gradual process – but you can surely start somewhere and with time…

…You will be surprised where you are already.


6. Comedy:

Many years ago – been a comedian requires you to go to a live stage and get in front of people to make people laugh.

You will have to struggle to reach the top and make rapport with the show anchors and promoters before you can be allowed to speak to a live audience.

But everything has now changed these days… there are now millions of people out there in the whole world who are doing live videos on their social media pages and they are making money.

All they do is craft a comedy and record themselves doing it live and post it on their social media pages.

And from there – people watch and laugh and are their comedy. That’s how they pop and become the talk of the Town.

And these people are making money from their hobbies because companies pay them to promote their products.

These guys charge a lot of money for these promotions and that’s is how they live a good lifestyle.

Someone who is also wise has taken their redistribution channel to YouTube and they are monetizing their comic videos through YouTube ads.

So, what are you waiting for if you have a sense of humor? Comm’n!!  Shoot that first video and see how you will pop.

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7. Fitness:

Do you have a passion for fitness and wellness? If you see yourself going to the gym all the time to stay fit.

If you see yourself burning calories and looking smart with a nice body shop that others are dying to have.

Then, you don’t know what the Lord has done for you. Because what you have as a hobby is what many other people find it difficult to do.

Millions of people are there who want to stay fit and smart and burn fats.

But they cannot do fitness and they don’t even know where to start and most of the products out there that claim to burn fats in the body are not working.

That is where your hobby is needed…You can start training these people and helping them burn fats.

Helping them stay fit and making them live the life they desire. They will pay you whatever amount you request and will be forever indebted to you.

This is your hobby… but you’re changing lives and making money from it.


8. Social media Management:

This aspect of a hobby is something that we all do. Something that you are doing every day.

Every blessed day – you scroll on your social media and read posts. You watch comedies.

You chat with friends and wrap things up – You post updates about what’s happening in your life.

This is something that you can turn into money. It’s a hobby for you because you just do it for fun.

But most people don’t know the value that they will get in form of money when they start working for brands.

There are some organizations out there that will pay you for helping them manage their social media pages.

Organizations pay a whole lot of money to social media managers just for helping them keep their customers engaged.

This is something you do for fun – so, instead of posting updates to your friends and staying broke.

Why not just start posting updates for organizations in your neighborhood and be collecting pay.

You can make money from this – people are doing it and it’s not even stressful.


9. 3D Printing:

Another skill that can be turned into a hobby is 3D Printing. It’s a hot niche in the market just graphic design.

You can start helping people do printings on clothes and any other objects.

Which brand doesn’t like printings of their brand logo on objects?

Big Brands always have a shirt that will be given to their staff with a print of their logo in front of it.

Also, people do celebrations every day and they always like their pictures printed on the object.

I hope you can see how sense-making this skill is. If this is something that you can have passion for and turn into a hobby.

Just go ahead and start making money for yourself because your customers are out there looking for you.


10. Cooking:

Cooking is another thing that is a hobby to most ladies and they can start making money from it.

If you’re very good at cooking – you can always prepare yourself for shooting videos of when you are cooking and upload the videos on YouTube.

Oh yes, this is something that you see as a hobby and you have been wanting to turn into a hobby.

If you go on YouTube, you will see many people who already have thousands of Subscribers just from posting cooking videos on YouTube.

You can also start this and begin your YouTube channel where people can come to learn how to cook.

What you have to know about cooking is that – some people wish to learn a particular meal in your locality.

Maybe there is are some simple meals in your locality that you find easy to cook.

Do you know some people who are from another country and are new to that your locality will be willing to learn those meals?

And the only place they go to for learning is on YouTube – so all you have to do is to switch on the video camera of your phone.

Or buy a professional camera if you can afford one. But if you can’t – please just use your phone camera. It’s okay.

And start recording yourself the way you cook. Once you have more than 1000 subscribers…

…and enough watch views on your videos – you can start to monetize your videos from YouTube AdSense.

What you also have to know is that some companies will even invite you to come to cook on their show and they will pay you.

Can you see how interesting this is? Just come back to share your testimony on this website once you pop!

Yipes! I am happy for you.


11. Buying and Selling:

Another hobby that you can develop a passion for and start making money from it is buying and selling.

I come from a country where most of the poor masses are involved in the selling of perishable products.

Even though some government workers are still under the poor class – the majority are filled with traders.

And some people are children to these traders and so they have an idea concerning buying and selling.

If you have once sold in your life and you know the business around buying and selling.

Then what’s stopping you from taking the bold step? Just launch your online store and begin buying and selling products.

Thank God for the internet – you don’t necessarily need to have money before you can start selling.

If you don’t have any high budget to buy products… you can do drop shipping of AliExpress products.

Just open a website and promote the products… once someone orders – Contact the trader and have them ship the product to the customer and you keep your profit.

This is the power of buying and selling and the ability to have selling skills. You can also do this and turn your selling hobby into money minting business.


12. Video Editing:

Even though I don’t focus much on video editing – I still make money from this hobby till today

I am the kind of person that plays a lot with video editing apps. I just use it to create rubbish and find joy in it.

I did it as a hobby because I never sat down somewhere to learn video editing from someone.

And I became very good in it and up till today – I have some brands that still trust my work without promoting myself again.

Because before I decided to go fully into internet Marketing – I started as a video editor and I edit and create commercials.

So, it is like a hobby to me – but it turned to passion and I keep making money from it.

This is also something you can do – if you’re good in video editing or creation and you have all the necessary apps…

…but the only problem that you have is finding and getting clients.

Just register on any freelance website and start bidding for gigs and display your expertise.

You might need to learn more about freelancing though but there are tons of free tutorials on YouTube that can teach you that.


13. Public Speaking:

Public speaking is a hobby that has turned many people to riches just from nothing.

If you find yourself sound and vast to face a large audience. If you know that you are not shy and you can speak in front of thousands of watch eyes.

Then, you have a gift that is rare among humanity because what you just have is something that the majority lack.

You easily start public speaking and start giving speeches concerning some topics you are concerned about.

This can be in what you learned in school and bagged a certificate in. Also, most public speakers are regarded as thought leaders.

So, you can just build yourself and know about human philosophy.

You can become a motivational speaker and start helping people to build their confidence.

I might not be able to tell you much about getting started with public speaking because I speak publicly as a blogger.

I never spoke at an event because I have the speaking skill but because I went to tutor them about content writing.

But since yours is purely the ability to speak in front of people since your childhood days.

Then, you can build up your momentum and become a thought leader that motivates people into achieving greatness in life.


14. Singing:

Singing is also a hobby that can make you money. If you can sing and you have been a chorister since your childhood.

Then, what’s your excuse?

You can just decide to have your band and team up to bring out something creative.

Whatever aspect of music is that you are – you can follow through. If it’s Christian music or worldly music.

Just go ahead and start singing. Since this has been your hobby for a lifetime and it’s still inside you till our adult age.

Then you have no excuse, the only excuse that is stopping you from making money from your hobby is you.

It’s time to start singing and grow your fanbase. Just hit the studio near you and produce a song.

And promote it very well – make rapport with a good producer in your locality that can promote you locally.

From there, that is when you will gain international recognition and have a lot of fans.

It’s not a 1-year journey but it starts with a step. Which you have to take now.


15. Sports Betting:

Well, even though I am a football fan – I have to say the truth. I have never seen myself doing sports Betting.

Reason being that I have to study betting and know about some things and I don’t even have the time to do that.

Also, I am only a Chelsea fan and I watch Chelsea games a lot, unlike others.

But I know people who are doing this and have been making huge money from it.

Some people have won millions of dollars just from placing bets with just $10.

Although, these people might be die-hard sports fans who know a particular sport.

So, they know who will win and who will not win. So, they can place the bet and sure make money from it.

If this is someone who you are and something that you can do. Then, go ahead and be doing sports Betting.

If you like to do sport a lot and you do spend a lot of time on it and you find yourself not financially okay.

Then do sports Betting.

I will only advise you not to get used to this aspect of business except if you want to build a business from this kind of business.

But if you’re playing sport Betting all your life – you have to find a real job. Because the money earned doesn’t really last long.

Even those who have earned millions before have squandered all the money voraciously without any investment.

So, if the sport is your hobby and you speak a lot about it – start betting on it and also be earning money.

But don’t get too used to it for a long time. Just see it as an extra source of income.

That’s just my 2 cents concerning this hobby though.


How To Make Money With Any Hobby

4 strategies that you can use to make money from any hobby.

Since we have talked about some hobbies that can be used to make money.

I am not able to talk about every hobby out there – there are still some hobbies out there that one can possess and still make money.

So, in case I didn’t mention a hobby which you are good at – pardon me because I am not a wizard to know everything.

But I will give you some tips in this section of this guide that will give you some ideas about how you can make money from your hobby.

Let us dive deeper into the 4 strategies that you can use to make money from any hobby.

  1. Give It Out For Free.
  2. Start A YouTube Channel.
  3. Promote The Hobby.
  4. Get So Obsessed With Your Hobby.

1. Give It Out For Free:

One of the best things you can do with your hobby is to first give it out for free.

I have to be frank with you… there is power in giving because anyone that gives must surely receive.

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to make money from your hobby and begin making money.

You have to give some things out for free before you can start earning from the hobby.

Let us look at someone good in social media Management for example and can help brands build their audience base.

Now, just from posting and update drips on your social media – you become very good at building followers, and let us say you have thousands of Instagram followers for example.

For someone of such a hobby, you shouldn’t just go ahead and keep pitching brands to pay you to manage their social media accounts.

You should first give them value by offering your service for free. Even if you show them proof that you have enough engagements…

…it might be real proof since there are many bot tools out there that can grow followers without any engagements.

So, you have to hire out your hobby for free. Okay, this is me – someone, who can write a thousand words within minutes.

But I have to write and give out values for free. This is my hobby – but am I charging you any money for this.

No! I am giving out my writing for free and I enjoy doing it. This is something that you should also do.

When you give out your hobby for free at first – then the money will follow. Don’t go for the money at first.

You can decide to work for few months before thinking of asking for payment.

So, I don’t know what your hobby is – but try out this method and work for free for some brands and you will see what follows.

Even if you tell them any price after giving out for free… they won’t argue to pay you.

Try this out and come back to share your testimony in the comment box below. I am ready to read them.


2. Start A YouTube Channel:

Since there is now freedom to do whatever you like without commuting from one place to another.

YouTube is a great platform to keep displaying your hobby and help people learn your hobby.

Oh yes, if you are good at music for example and you know all the things that one needs to put in place to compose a piece of nice music.

Start a YouTube channel and keep teaching people. There is power in teaching.

When you teach people your hobby – they will be the ones to promote you the more.

Now, just from giving these people your free tutorials. You can start charging them for paid tutorials.

And because you have thoughts them some basics version. They will be ready to upgrade to your paid version.

You can do this because this is what many people who have YouTube channels are doing.

They just talk about their hobby and keep teaching people and changing their lives.

From there, they start producing courses and keep selling the courses and people are ready to pay for the courses.


3. Promote The Hobby:

If you have enough money and an idea on how to do promotion. You can just promote your hobby.

Although, this depends on how you want to promote the hobby. It might be through paid promotions.

You can run sponsored adverts and reach thousand of audiences every day.

This is if you have enough money to start and you are also good at doing paid adverts or you can hire an ad expert to help you do it.

Or you can work for some influencers in your niche for free. You can give them free services and build rapport with them.

After that, you can just tell them to help you promote your hobby to their audience and you earn money.

These are the two ways I know you can use to promote your hobby and earn money from it.


4. Get So Obsessed With Your Hobby:

One of the ways to make money with any hobby that you have is to get obsessed with it.

Be in a situation whereby you talk about your hobby a whole lot.

What I mean by this is by sharing funny things that surround your hobby.

Talking about things and sharing videos and memes that are around your hobby on your social media pages.

This way, you have shown people how deep you are with what you are doing for passion.

That is how they will keep tagging you as an expert in the field that you are in.

Boom! You will start growing enough followers and your fan base keeps increasing.

What happens? They will start buying things that you recommend.

I am sure that you have some people that you are following on your social media.

I remember when I started Cryptocurrency – I quickly went to follow those who are doing Cryptocurrency in my country(Nigeria).

I see that it is something that they talk about a lot of time and I can see them being obsessed with it.

I also got to see some of their courses that I can buy.

The thing is that you might be scared of shouting out what you do. But you just have to do it.

Shout out what you do and don’t mind those making jest of you. Carry the microphone and go crazy about your hobby online.

That is how to win.

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Making money with your hobby is not a one-day job. Even though you already have the skill to do it…

…you have to also follow the strategies I listed above to grow hobbies that make money.

Go out there is talk about your hobby – promote it by getting Obsessed with it.

Also, give it out for free as a service and let other people feel the impact that you can do.

Doing all this – and you will see that the sky will be your limit.

If you enjoy this guide – please don’t forget to share it with your friend on your social media.

There are thousands of people out there who have a hobby but don’t know how to monetize it.

I believe this guide is all they need to make their dreams come through with what they do every day for fun.

So, do good to share it with them and I will see you in some other articles below.

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